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Promises of European commitment riding in the wake of Dragon Quest lumber on the horizon

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Square Enix Europe boss John Yamamoto spoke with MCV UK about the company's strategy of becoming a worldwide leading publisher of videogames, describing success in Europe as "indispensable".

As the PAL launch of Dragon Quest VIII approaches, he also commented on the appropriate nature of the translation effort (British accents and all) and how it would make the title an excellent first foray into what is arguably the company's strongest brand never to set foot this side of the Atlantic.

He's so convinced, in fact, that Square Enix Europe will be handling marketing, publishing and distribution of DQ8 in Europe, a primeur for the company. ?We?re going to give our full support to this title, as we hope to establish what is effectively a new brand,? the Square CEO confirmed. ?It costs much more than the release of a sequel, but I believe it?s worth doing this and to try to find the best way to appeal to users by each country. We believe we know our own product best, so if we want to maximise sales in Europe, we should be the publisher.?

While we haven't been hearing much about the company's European escapades, Yamamoto is certain expansion is a key part of gaining a foothold in the territory: Square Enix' offices in London hold a staff of 88, which is apparently enough reason to seek a new location. Even homegrown, localised development and publishing of European-made title isn't a foregone conclusion: ?This is something that the company does globally ? as with the acquisition of Taito. [Pursuing local product] is definitely something we will be actively pursuing in Europe. I am always looking for opportunities and I know that there are a number of high quality UK studios. In order to keep growing sales and achieving success as a publisher in Europe, releasing products that Europeans want is the key.?

And so it is official: never again will we see a Chrono title replaced by Chocobo Racing, or Final Fantasy Tactics and Xenogears ignored in preference of Ehrgeiz. Or so he wants us to believe.

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Interesting they say that now. I would have prefered Chrono Cross instead of 'business reasons' not to release it. Sigh.

It will be interesting to see how well DQVIII sells in Europe.
personally I was never fund of the Dragon quest games. they just didn't cach me like the final fantasys serious did. Oh well I hope europe likes it
Final fantasy can catch anyone, who's in to the adventure, fighting, story line games.
I think that ff8 has the best opening with enigma song. (gravity of love).
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