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Jessica Alba's boobs. Er, I mean, Advent Children dated for Europe!

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So says Eurogamer. The DVD & UMD will arrive on April 24th at 30 euros a pop and oh yeah, there are some confirmed voice actors: Mandy Moore will return to give Aeris chords as she did in Kingdom Hearts, some guy called Steve Burton is in for Cloud for the same reason, and they magicked Jessica Alba's tush out of B-rated movie land just for Barret. Well, probably Tifa. But Barret would be all kinds of funny!

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Forums / News / Jessica Alba's boobs. Er, I mean, Advent Children dated for Europe!

wow jessica is some sexy. I just wish they would hurry up and get it over to canada
Mandy Moore.

Meh, since the Japanese original audio will also make the DVD release here I don't really care if they get a dog to voice someone.
I am just going to be disapointed about how much they wil probably cut during the dubbing process
Cut? What do you mean by that? It's a DVD release, not a TV one. Oh, and Jessica Alba's boobs, meet Tifa's boobs.
Jessica Alba?....That is soooo hot...
Oh yea. Jessica Alba, Tifa. im lovin it. Creaming my jocks already. Hurry up and get it over here in Australia.
she is hot
I think Nanaki (Red XIII) got jipped hard core in the movie considdering he only had like 2 lines
Dark angel (jessica) as tifa ok.....whatever.........
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