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Square Enix teams up with Gakken to make games that are not fun

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Square Enix has announced today that they are to form a joint venture with Japanese company Gakushuukenkyuusha ("Gakken" for short, don't worry) in order to form "SG Lab", a new developer concerned with creating games that will focus on education and research. Opening May 1st, the studio will cater to clients looking for software to aid in the fields of medicine, health care, and public relations. Squeenix CEO Yoichi Wada expressed his hopes that SG Lab will become a leader in its field, which remarkably does not yet exist.

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Forums / News / Square Enix teams up with Gakken to make games that are not fun

i could use soma dem
nigga what?
I thought square enix is a games company. ?????????????????????? oh confussion?
yo quale, watch it. I'm black and from Mississippi dammit!

Don't let it slip again.
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