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Nomura discusses Kingdom Hearts

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In a recent premier party, Kingdom Hearts II director Tetsuya Nomura commented on the fact that the changes made to accommodate Kingdom Hearts II for its United States release were minimal and thus not conducive of an International version. More interestingly, Nomura-san emphasized his plans for another Kingdom Hearts project, which he stressed would not be a direct sequel or foray into other media types, and noted that Square Enix has a "surprise ceremony" in store for E3. A line of Kingdom Hearts controllers, perhaps?

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I am so excited for tomorrow. Me, donald, and guffey are going on a magical trip. YAY
Guffey? Secret unlockable character?
AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH your gonna get kh2. i hate you i've gotta wait till the it reachs england. sob....
I'm going for the KHII PS3 accessory pack.
get me one!!*screams from a distance*
pixel for all of you......ive already beaten it...........*laughs histaricly*
once you play it you never want 2 let go........
damn, who is this mystery character that has spawned from the depths of hell bringing with him/her a wave of total chaos and mystery?
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