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More trademarks; place your bets

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Business continues and Square Enix has registered no less than three new trademarks for our speculation. "Tsukkomi stick" and "Tsukkomi Browser" have both been registered with the Japanese patent office, in addition to "Monotone", which has also received U.S. registration. The former two could be cell phone titles, but "Monotone" leaves much to the imagination. Rahul insists it is a "film noir action RPG for the Xbox 360". Honestly, anything is possible.

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Its a game for the Xbox 360. Its gonna be realeased next year, and will be one of them crappy half hearted games from square.
Since you established in a previous comment that your balls are apparently covered in shit, what exactly is it about this game that inspires you to the mindset that Monotone will exercise vacuum?
Well.. first of all, saying that ffxi 'sucks shit on balls' isnt saying that my balls are covered in shit. its called a comparison.

Secondly.... im just guessing thats how the games gonna be. lol. I couldnt care less how the games turns out.
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