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Friends of Mana is still alive and kicking, apparently

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Oh yeah, so after that out-of-nowhere Heroes of Mana unveiling the other day alongside those other titles, we didn't see or hear anything about Friends of Mana, a previously filed-for trademark. So most people just assumed Friends had been renamed to Heroes. Not so! Friends of Mana today was revealed to be a mobile instalment of the Mana series, confirming our worst fears that despite Square Enix's insistency to fail at producing anything compelling in a crossplatform fashion, Polymorphism™ appears to continue to lead their strategic approach. Too bad. Oh yeah, Friends is apparently an RPG with the same visual style as Children of Mana and uses turn-based combat. More news at 11.

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Forums / News / Friends of Mana is still alive and kicking, apparently

Someone sounds sarcastic xD. I think its great! It's about time Square came out with a prequel to Legend of Mana. It was a great game...sure it confused some people because you had to actually SEARCH for the many storylines, but it was still a great game. This game includes most of all the old digi-painted worlds plus many new ones. The original characters are present, although it adds a great nostalgia for those familiar with the series and especially the game Legend of Mana.

I personally cannot WAIT for this to be translated. Has anyone gone to the official site yet? It's very creative.

However...I'm not so thrilled about the "happy points!" system. Hopefully it doesn't ruin the game...
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