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THE Greatest Plot...

A Xenogears review Author: azn boi kinkz Published: July 02, 2004
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It's quite hard rating a game without categories, so I will divide it up into five sections: Plot, Characters, Gameplay, Sound and Graphics and 'Addictivity'. Now let's begin with plot:
Xenogears is in my own opinion, the RPG with the greatest storyline ever constructed. Considering the fact that Xenogears borrows its ideas from several philosophical ideas of then and now does not reduce the overall appeal. Xenogears manages to do what many RPG's try but fail to do: Intrigue us and make us think at the same time. Speaking more of the storyline will result in indirect spoilers so I end this section with an A+ rating.
Xenogears presents the most interesting set of characters and in my opinion, THE BEST set of characters, regardless of the countless RPG's I have completed. The game's flaw however comes from the utter lack of funding and time provided by Square to fully develop the game. Some characters would have received better development and the later parts of the story will have not been rushed. Regardless, Xenogears gets another A+.
If there was any area Xenogears could improve on, it would be its Gameplay. If its plot and characters receive perfect ratings, its gameplay only tops mediocre by a few factors. The deathblow and ability system are redundant, the difficulty is seemingly easy-brute force seems to key over strategy-and the utter lack of monsters, especially in the world map. Regardless, the gameplay is still great, just not stellar. I'll give it B-.
Sound and Graphics are excellent considering the time Xenogears was created. It will be a fun thought however if the game was reconstructed and re-released with improved graphics, sound effects, plot etc. Anyhow, graphics seem like the least important factor when it comes with RPG's but music is vital as the greatest RPG's have the greatest set of midi, don't they? And Xenogears is no exception. The rater gives B.
Lastly, 'Addictivity' is measured on how addictive (duh) a game is. Regarding the fact that Xenogears has a complex-and gripping storyline, players might feel the need to replay the game. Sidequests are a plenty here and the deathblows and uberfantastic gears should keep players hooked. Addictivity gets a B.
And there you have it. My advice is, get Xenogears, play it at least three times, understand it fully, master it and start doubting the awesomeness of Final Fantasy VII. I'm out!
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dotted line "Xenogears gets an A+ for story but falls with a B- for Gameplay. It's stellar and makes me doubt all the hype on FFVII, but it's still needing some finishing touches..."
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