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Kingdom Hearts

Action RPG
Kingdom Hearts
  • September 16, 2002
  • March 28, 2002
  • November 15, 2002
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A Game Worthy of Playing 100 Times

A Kingdom Hearts review Author: HYuy Published: July 13, 2004
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A game composed of Final Fantasy, Disney, and original characters is definitely not something to be left on the shelves. Kingdom Hearts is one of the most superb games I have ever played. Every aspect of the game deserves nothing but applause. It is safe to say that Kingdom Hearts definitely makes its way to the top through an outstanding composition of plot, graphics, battle, voice acting, and overall gameplay.
In the game, you get to play as a fourteen-year-old boy named Sora. Sora is the legendary Keyblade master that must travel to different worlds in order to seal the keyholes and protect the worlds from evil shadows called the Heartless. Along with his friends, Donald and Goofy (that?s right, the Disney characters we all know and love), Sora must battle his way through heartless after heartless in hopes of finding his friends that were thought to be lost, Riku and Kairi, and none other than King Mickey. As the game wears on, however, Sora?s mission is changed from finding his friends to saving all of the worlds destroyed by the Heartless.
The plot of Kingdom Hearts strongly emphasizes the battle between light and dark forces. This is a very complex theme for a game, but it has proven to be a strong foundation. As the main character, Sora, you take possession of a weapon called the Keyblade which is said to lock the hearts of worlds in order to protect them from the Heartless. Sora has been told many times that he is the one to open the door to the light, thus vanquishing the Heartless from all worlds and restoring the Kingdom Hearts universe back into proper order. The Disney villains ban together to try and control the darkness that Sora and his friends try to keep at bay, which creates the game?s main set of boss-battle characters.
As for the fighting and battling portion, Kingdom Hearts has a unique real-time battle system. Unlike Squaresoft?s many titles that call for the turn-based system of fighting, you are free to move Sora around the battleground as you like without any hassle. Maneuverability is quite easy, though the camera angles aren?t exactly the best. When playing, I had to constantly make a conscious effort to keep the camera angle in a good position. This became quite agitating at times.
There aren?t too many things to complain about in Kingdom Hearts. However, there is one area which could use improvement. The Gummi Ship is definitely one of my least favorite areas. Aside from being a cheap Galaga knock-off, it really doesn?t hold much room for entertainment. Building a Gummi is even more tedious than piloting one. What?s the point of spending half of your valuable time twiddling around with dozens of blocks to try and create a new Gummi when the default one can get you from Traverse Town to Hallow Bastion in one piece without tilting the analog stick? I see it as just a boring waste of time.
The music compilation of Kingdom Hearts is outstanding. Yoko Shimomura did an excellent job with the various tracks throughout the game. She managed to grasp the feeling of every moment with compilations such as Destati and my personal favorite, Traverse Town. Hikaru Utada?s Simple and Clean really added an extra punch to the game?s overall musical influence. The catchy tune fit the overall theme of the game perfectly.
The character designs and voice cast for Kingdom Hearts keep up Square?s tradition for excellent graphics. The English voiceovers match their CG counterparts almost perfectly. So much so, that you can practice your lip-reading skills with Kingdom Hearts. The voices are right on target, and add an even more realistic feel to the CG characters.
Overall gameplay is outstanding. Visiting worlds, both unique and original Disney locations, was truly a remarkable experience. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing characters from old Disney movies which I have not seen in years play along side Sora and actually joining the active party. Through Kingdom Hearts, the player gets to literally re-enact some of the greatest Disney films of all times which result in endings with a KH twist. Let?s not forget the Final Fantasy reference either. Characters such as Squall Leonhart, Cloud Strife, and Aerith Gainsborough all have roles in the game?s progress as well as other characters from the Final Fantasy series. The game sticks true to its saying of ?A journey where you never know who you will run into next.?
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dotted line "Truly one of SquareEnix?s greatest games yet, Kingdom Hearts was an enjoyable game to play not just once or twice, but maybe a good three or even one hundred times."
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