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Final Fantasy VII

Traditional RPG
Final Fantasy
  • September 7, 1997
  • October 2, 1997
  • November 4, 1997
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One of the greatest games ever.

A Final Fantasy VII review Author: Nephtis Published: January 25, 2005
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Final Fantasy VII, my first Final Fantasy game. I?m probably quite biased in that I have always thought, and probably always will, that this game is the best in the series. However, there are so many factors that push this opinion on me; I find it hard to even contemplate a better Final Fantasy. The sheer size and complexity of the adventure is enough to keep you going for a great deal of time, with a seemingly ignorant group of gamers finishing early, such as the end of the first disc. These people simply have not finished the game, and are therefore unable to attest to the game?s true glory. Perhaps they got lost.
Without spoiling the story, it?s hard to bring across just how great it really is. Gamers always go on about its brilliance, and I?m not one to argue. Drawing upon your strongest emotions of anger, surprise, sadness and humour, the game seeks to entertain right through. In fact, successive plays mean even more humour, with different characters being present in different locations. I cannot convey how good the story is, even if I was spoiling it for you, it?s just that good. It?s one of those ?you had to be there? things, and if you haven?t, maybe you should be there.
Despite the game being old now, it still retains its level of excellence amongst today?s titles. While the graphics may not be on par with this generation, the fact that people still play it and still go on about it proves that its brilliance is now set in stone. While the block hands don?t appeal these days, it brings back memories to the past, just like the pixelated figures of the even older days of Final Fantasy bring back old times for more experienced players. The game has full motion videos, a first in the series, and they still retain their looks today. Final Fantasy X may have outgrown it by several leaps in technology, VII?s still remain classic.
Musically, many say Final Fantasy VII suffered from bad synthesisers, but those people can?t appreciate the quality. I own the O.S.T, and frankly, it?s great. Highlights include Aeris? Theme, (Yes that?s right Aeris, not Aeirth, don?t get me started on how Japanese really works) A One-winged Angel and the Main Theme are all great tracks. Uematsu may have synthesised it, but it?s still fantastic.
The battle system is also very good, with players finding battling actually fun mostly, rather than irritating. The materia system is where you are able to attach various moves, spells and summons to a character?s weapon and armour, in order for them to be used. The materia levels up, and through this you gain better spells, or in the case of summoning, you are able to summon more than once per battle. After taking enough blows, your limit gauge rises up in order to produce a rather cool attack or move, which usually kicks the crap out of the enemy.
The side quests in FFVII come by the truckload, with near impossible enemies eventually appearing for you to beat, errands to run, and time to burn. There?s also the Gold Saucer, the cream of all mini-game arenas. I spend hours in there, battling, gambling, racing on chocobos and generally having fun. This is where FFVII shines, if you can?t be bothered with the story (later on) you can just go and burn some time trying to win money. And hey, there?s nothing wrong with money now is there? You?ll find as you go back and play after your first trip through, there is plenty you missed (unless you used a guide and cheated) and it?s always nice to have a slightly different adventure the next time round.
Final Fantasy VII is a classic, a game that is still being played, has sold millions, and is fantastic. Don?t let the millions tell you, sales figures mean little these days for a good game. Just get out there and play it, don?t doubt that which you haven?t seen for yourself. If you don?t, it?s only going to be your loss, and its one hell of a big loss at that. Only a fool would miss out on such art, so rather than be a fool, play the damned game!
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