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Parasite Eve II

Parasite Eve
  • 09/12/00
  • 12/16/99
  • 08/25/00
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Strange poorly moulded putty isn't a scary bad guy.

A Parasite Eve II review Author: Nephtis Published: January 28, 2005
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Parasite Eve II, a crazy game that I bought for AU$19.95, which is like US$15 or so. I probably wouldn?t recommend it to anyone paying much more, but here comes the review.
Now, in Australia Parasite Eve wasn?t released, or at least I?m pretty sure it wasn?t. So unlike everyone else, I wasn?t anticipating this game with drool or whatever you were all doing. I found it on a shelf in a store and thought, ?yeah I?ll give it a shot?. Now since I haven?t played the first title (which was supposed to be good) I was not disappointed due to expectation, or the lack of continuation from the previous title. Keep that in mind during the review, this was just a game I picked up.
The graphics in the game were ok I suppose. Nothing fantastic, but not horrible. Aya herself was somewhat odd when her limbs went all over the place, but I got over that. The spells sometimes looked quite crap, but sometimes looked alright, the graphics were somewhat average, which was new to me and Square. Although the FMVs were certainly top-notch, with quite clear images being shown they looked great.
The whole idea of running around and killing odd-looking squishy things and whatnot has been done before, and better too. Anything and everything will get thrown at you, bats, weird guys and strange stupid putty creations a young child would make. To make it worse, I found myself trying to shoot these things, in a direction the camera just didn?t want to go. Constantly Aya would be forced to fire towards me it seemed, while I blindly fired to shoot whatever the hell was there. The control system was horrible, with Aya constantly turning and appearing to blindly shoot enemies that are right in front of her. Not good at all.
The sounds were alright, with most being slightly above average, but the music I found pretty crappy. Again, being used to Square?s fancy GOOD music, I found it odd that the music was crap. While not being forced to mute the sound, I didn?t like it all that much.
The story threw me somewhat, with the fact that it is a sequel. I have no idea to this day why Square Europe decided to release this title without releasing its predecessor. Aya seemed to have some past with these creatures, and although a back story was given, they never are good enough to make up for the first game. So I had this crazy story going along while I trudged through some building in New York and finding some crazed lunatic trying to kill me. Then I found myself in the desert, which I thought was stupid, since I figured the game would take me around New York. I met some country bumpkin with a load of guns at this hotel place. I had to use those to destroy some large squishy monster thing. If this sounds lame, believe me, it is. I didn?t really know what was happening, and that?s probably due to the fact that I haven?t played the first title. Although I have read other reviews around on the internet that assure me that the title is just poorly executed story-wise. Let us not forget that odd little girl in it, who knows what was going on there. (Probably something crucial to its relationship with its predecessor)
The fact that it was supposed to be scary was lost, because it just wasn?t. The fact that it was supposed to be some kind of cinematic thriller was also lost. I?m not sure what was going on when someone decided to make this game, but they made a lot of stupid decisions. I have played scarier games, and far cooler ones at that.
Overall, Parasite Eve II was not too bad, but mostly because after I spent my AU$19.95, I sold it for half of that second hand, so it didn?t cost much more than it would have should I have hired it. And that?s not a good sign of quality.
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dotted line "A pretty bad game, if you like shooting things that look stupid, country bumpkin gun-equipped people and the odd strange girl, then this is for you!"
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