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  • 20 October, 1998
  • 11 February, 1998
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A Xenogears review Author: Mei Artemis Published: May 05, 2005
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I purchased Xenogears in 2004 (I'm a late bloomer with games) because a friend told me about it. I received the game and watched the opening sequence. Right then and there, I knew that this would be my new favorite game.
You play as Fei Fong Wong, an 18 year old painter/martial artist who lives in the village of Lahan. Because this game has so many twists and turns, I'm not saying anything else, for fear that I'll spoil it.
Xenogears has it's own world history and the character development is exceptional. The story is perfect and will make you play the game over and over again.
Xenogears' story is probably the best game story that was ever written. It is so complete and confusing, that they had to publish a book to explain it further. I have to say that Square was stupid for letting this franchise go, because this is their best game to date. The story is something that you will fall in love with soon into the game. The game starts off a bit slow, but just play a half hour of the game, and it'll speed up for you quickly. Unlike many stories, this game has no real "holes" in it, persay. It's complexity and wholeness will make you doubt that everything fits together later on, but they did it. Some players hated the second disc, for it was mostly dialogue and cinematics. I actually enjoyed the change of pace from the first disc.
The graphics aren't important, but we'll just say that they were... mediocre at best.
The battle system was new a fresh and very fun to use. It was quick paced compared to many RPGs, and was similar to FF. In Xenogears, you had a time bar, but it filled up very quickly, and you also had the ability to use Combo attacks instead of just one simple attack. The nice thing about the battle system is that, unlike FFVIII, there were no real large cinematics of summoning or magic. There is no ability to summon, but still. The ether system is nice because all characters have their individuality in their ether. (Many Final Fantasy games earlier on had individuals with unique attacks, but in recent years they have lost that.) The other type of battle system is that in Gears (giant humaniod weapon systems). These battles are similar, but can be difficult due to the fact that you need to keep an eye on both fuel, EP, and HP. The battle system makes the game somewhat challenging, because most of the time boss battles will have you clinging on to your final last few HP before it all ends.
The dungeons in this game are extremely complex and long to some. Say "Babel Tower" to somebody that has played through Xenogears and watch them cringe. The puzzles get worse later on, and sometimes dungeons can take days to figure out without a strategy guide. The game it's self is no pushover in the difficulty department- in both understanding the story and the gameplay itself.
There are few sidequests in the game, but the ones that are have to do with the story, mainly. You can, however, go around and collect money to buy things. The music was probably the best I've seen. From "Distant Promise" to "The Awakening" to Joanne Hogg's vocalized performance of "Two Small of Pieces" the game's musical score never gets old.
Replay value is extremely high, because the story is so very confusing that you'll not be able to grasp it the first time through... and maybe not even the second. Sometimes, you'll miss little story points or secret points.
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dotted line "Everything about this game (except graphics) was beyond exceptional. I recommend this for any gamer who likes the RPG genre. You will NOT be disappointed."
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