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Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories

Square Enix
Action RPG
Kingdom Hearts
  • December 7, 2004
  • November 11, 2004
  • May 6, 2005
B 30 total ratings
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Waiting for Kingdom Hearts 2? You might just want to wait a little bit longer.

A Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories review Author: Moogle_21 Published: May 10, 2005
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Since the release of the first Kingdom Hearts game, many die-hard fans? mouths have been watering waiting for another Kingdom Hearts title to be released. Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories is not the game that I expected.
The majority of the game is fighting and Square-Enix has created a new battle system for Chains of Memories. The system is real-time/free movement just like in Kingdom Hearts, but they?ve introduced a new element. To perform any kind of attack you need to have weapon, magic or item card that you collect traveling the worlds in the game; and with those cards you construct a deck that you will use when you?re in battle. A major downside of the card system, is that when you?re battling, you are forced you look through dozens of cards with the L and R buttons while multiple enemies beat the crap out of you. After a while you do adjust to looking through and using the cards, it becomes repetitive and annoying really fast. In addition to having the cards, all the cards are given a number value (1 thru 10) and if an enemy is using a card that has a higher number then yours, then the attack is cancelled out and the card is tossed out; which is loads of fun when fighting bosses. The game does let you purchase additional cards, but they forget to supply you with means to accumulate money.
A positive in the battle system is that you can combine cards together and perform combo attacks, which would allow you to do multiple attacks and spells; but when you use a combo attack you cannot use those cards again until the battle is over. Once you run out of cards to use, you must reload your deck by holding a specific button down on a special card on the reel, and every time you have to reload your deck, it takes a little bit longer then the time before.
Unfortunately, the story is the biggest flaw in Chain of Memories, it?s really non-existent. You spend ninety percent of the game fighting and the other ten percent listening and following story. Most of the story is what most players have already seen in Kingdom Hearts, but in a shorter and cut-down presentation which saddens me, because even though the Disney storyline was a majority of in Kingdom Hearts, it had a good storyline besides that which stood on its own and unfortunately, Chain of Memories dropped the ball as far as storyline goes.
The game also has cut-scenes with graphics that would make you think you were playing the game on a playstation. The 3D scenes are placed very nicely in the game and compliment the little story that the game had. Although, there are only a few scenes like this, the graphics in the game are just as good as any gameboy advance title.
Music in the game is nicely imported from the first Kingdom Hearts title. The gameboy advance handheld plays the songs quite well; all the songs a played clearly and have substance to them, which you wouldn?t expect from a handheld game. Sound-bites from the voice acting cast in the previous title also appear throughout the games, but only mainly in battles.
So in the end, I feel that the game has too many negatives and not enough positives to recommend the game to many people; but if you really enjoyed the first game, then this would be an okay game for you to get. For everyone else, save the $35 and put it towards your purchase of Kingdom Hearts 2 in 2006.
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