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Kingdom Hearts

Action RPG
Kingdom Hearts
  • September 16, 2002
  • March 28, 2002
  • November 15, 2002
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Kingdom Hearts - A crazy amalgamation of Final Fantasy & Disney, you know you love it.

A Kingdom Hearts review Author: Nephtis Published: May 18, 2005
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Kingdom hearts, a seemingly crazy amalgamation of the beautiful worlds of Final Fantasy and Disney. I first noticed this game a long time before it was released, most unusual for me back in those days. The game struck me with its original idea, and I was of course sceptical of the game, not because it sounded dodgy, but because I felt it would be unpopular. I for one thought it was a fantastic idea, the artwork and ideas that oozed around the internet looked very fancy indeed. I just did not think that this game would be America?s cup of tea, and would be another failure on Square?s behalf. Like Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, this would earn the company a bad reputation. Oh how I was wrong.

Aside from having sold a disgustingly large amount of copies worldwide, Square has done something that I have never seen before; they created a quality Disney game. Disney has made some shockingly horrid games in the past, and frankly, that was harming their public image.

What Square have done is simply remarkable; they have given fans a beautiful game worthy of a huge amount of praise. I as many people have, loved Disney as a child, and then became a Square fan. The joining of the two very different franchises was a very smart move by whoever started it.

Some have criticised the game for its lack of depth, these people have missed the point. Kingdom Hearts may contain a number of clich?d elements and may not live up to the usually complex and deep storyline of a Final Fantasy title, but it more than makes up for it in gameplay and music. Sora, being our protagonist becomes the hero, ZOMG that is so clich?d! Get over it people, see the game for what it really is, a masterpiece.

The title sports very fancy graphics, with the Disney characters very well rendered and full of life. Not to mention how damned cool the heartless look, and how they fight, the idea of darkness taking a form and fighting was always cool to me. There are only two full motion videos; the opening and ending sequences server to dish out the full-on story line where it often is slightly unattended during the game.

The gameplay is of a high standard, with the first game in a long time actually making me want to battle, rather than be forced to in order to continue playing. It is highly addictive, and very well set out. I can see it now, the swift hard strokes of the keyblade followed by a spell or two and then a fancy combo move. It looks very fluid, and gives you a satisfying feeling when you kick some bosses? arse hard. The way in which Square have opted to use a number of Disney elements in mini-games is also quaint, and I enjoyed that small touch. Here is where the game is a massive let-down, the gummi ship ?fun?. As to why this ridiculously stupid waste of time was included in the game, I will always wonder. The sheer random and quite boring event that takes place between each world only serves to frustrate the player when all you really want to do is get to the next stage in the game.

The sound is well done too, given the voice talent and quality of the delivery of lines. It is unusual for a game to actually have quality voice acting, or at least that is my experience in the matter. As to why Mandy Moore was playing my beloved Aeris, I cannot say, but I wish she was not there, but it is done now so I can do little. The fact that most of the original voices for the various Disney characters are in here too is quite a feat. James Woods, Sean Astin, Dan Castellaneta, Jim Cummings and Wayne Allwine in particular all did good work, although the lack of Robin Williams for the role of Genie was somewhat disappointing. The music was great, to see Yoko Shimomura step up and arrange some truly fantastic pieces was good to see. Particularly her arrangement of Uematsu?s One Winged Angel has been discussed a lot since its release. Oh, and to include Utada Hiraku in the project just makes the music slip over the edge into sheer brilliance.

The world that has been created seamlessly integrates numerous characters into the world with Disney; it is fantastic to see it and certainly does not feel awkward. Being a Nomura game, many recent characters make a cameo appearance, and there is even somewhat of a conclusion to a large argument regarding FFVII, but I will not discuss that here.

Overall, Kingdom Hearts was a brilliant game, although that stupid gummi ship is one of the most infuriating things I have ever experienced. In addition, there have been many complaints regarding the camera in battle. I did not a real problem with it, but it was somewhat annoying. Putting these two things aside, Kingdom Hearts has raised the bar for ?kiddie? games, and certainly has prompted many people to cry out in horror while waiting for its sequel; I know I am one of them. The wait has been so painful I decided to write this review, so if you have not played or finished this title, get off your lazy butt and do it. It may change your mind about Disney titles, and certainly will make you wait impatiently for the upcoming sequel.
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