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Chrono Cross

Traditional RPG
  • 15 August, 2000
  • 18 November, 1999
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Somebody Had to dislike it, that is me

A Chrono Cross review Author: Xavi Published: September 28, 2005
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Initially I was just going to say that "THIS GAME SUCKS BALLS" and leave it at that. Upon some thinking, two main factors changed my mind: I wanted to play it again and .. well I just noticed that theres a 500 word minimum on this shit.
This RPG takes place 20 years after the events from Chrono Trigger, without giving the story away Id say that its rather user friendly if you are not familiar with its prequel. The big gameplay element in Chrono Trigger was time travelling, in this game however that is replaced by alternate realities. To keep it short that means that while you have two similar worlds, events and characters can be completely different and many puzzle elements depend on you taking items from one dimension to another, its a nice twist on the genre.
For me to say that this game is riddled with problems would be an unfair statement. After all, this game takes the biggest misteries from Chrono Trigger and "solves" them in whatever way it choses to do so, my problem with that is that it really doesnt take the fans visions into account much. This games story takes you thinking one thing, then obliterates it, replaces it with another, shoots it down, massacrates anything worthwhile that happened in Chrono Trigger and then we have a huge ass explanation of everything right before the final fight. This type of storytelling I found bearable in Xenogears but here it borded on the fucking ridiculous (to my taste anyways)
Combat in this game is more of a mixture of Chrono Trigger and Xenogears than anything else. You will see enemies on screen and you will have the choice wether to fight or not on most cases. Once in a fight you will be able to choose the strenght of your attacks just like in Xenogears. The idea behind that is simple and it works, what doesnt work however is the magic sistem and its complications. Each character has a grid in which you allot magic to, on the lower parts of the grid you will have more spaces and you can assign the weaker spells while the stronger spells go on higher parts of the grid where you have less spaces. Every time you switch party members you have to replace the magic spells from one grid to the other, here comes the problem since every character has a differently shaped grid. Your party will consist of 3 people at any given time, but the possible playable characters sum up to 40 so you can imagine yourself switching characters often ... in theory. The process of taking the magic slots from one character to another is a pain in the fucking ass that takes about 3 or so minutes every time you switch characters. I found this process so annoying that I never wanted to switch characters and that even killed my desire to look for new ones! The Double and Triple techs from Chrono Trigger are also present here but in a more dulled out manner. Only some characters can use techs with others, when that happens the number is also very limited and the game never really lets you know about these things.. hell, I found out about it when I was almsot done with the game and the attacks werent even that powerful so I lost my interest rather quickly.
In the original Chrono Trigger, every character could have 3 dual techs with any other character and the results were very worth it and a key gameplay dynamic, here.. well, its something slapped on right before the game shipped and its obvious.
The music is, for the most part, my favorite soundtrack of all time. Yasunori Mitsuda did an amazing job and I listen to the OST whenever im working on something. The weakest piece of all is the combat music in my opinion and that is a real shame since thats the song you will be listening to most of the time. Its a sad thing when the nicest thing I can say about a game is how good the music is.
As mentioned before, you can have a good number of available characters. The one big problem is that character development in this game is utter shit. By that I mean that nobody develops at all, ever, not even the main character Serge does .. and its a real pity. In the original Chrono Trigger the characters went trough a lot, they started one way and ended differently. In Chrono Cross the characters go trough plenty of hardships and the may change their mind about the size of their dick, sure, but fundamentally theyre always the same.
The graphical look and the animations are another plus for the game. Rich colors and plenty of variety fill the world. Design wise I dont think they kept very consistent to the game before them and I also had a tough time liking the characters based on their visual outlook.. but that can be simply considered my sense of taste (although me being a guy that specialises on concept art, I tend to be more picky about these things)
Overall, the game remains entertaining on its own merits I will give it that. The highlights of the game for me were the parts were they touched on previously built strories that related to Chrono Trigger but whenever the story developed something original I was not pleased or entertained at all. The big deal with Chrono Trigger was that it was such an amazing effort from the Square AND the Enix staff. The best of each company got together and made something truly innovative. This game, however, seemed like it was thrown to the shelves a good year before they were really done with it. Its a decent effort, but seeing where it came from and with al the expectations it carried along with it, its a big fucking disappointment.
If Chrono Break or whatever never sees the light of day its completely because of this piece of crap.
Awesome music though.
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dotted line "This game is the biggest dissapointment from Square, even more than the shitty snowboarding in Final Fantasy VII or whatever the fuck Driving Emotion type Ass was"
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