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Final Fantasy VI

Traditional RPG
Final Fantasy
  • October 20, 1994
  • April 2, 1994
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Behold the Kefka

A Final Fantasy VI review Author: Andrew Published: June 16, 2003
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As the Super Nintendo was nearing it?s run as top dog in the gaming world and the Playstation was about to make its big debut, Squaresoft released the last Final Fantasy for a Nintendo system for almost 10 years. However, even with this huge gap, Nintendo?s final hold on the series would be one no fan would soon forget. With Hironobu Sakaguchi stepping down from Director and handing the helm over to Yoshinori Kitase and Hiroyuki Itou, Final Fantasy VI would set a standard for RPGs.
As the game begins you are given a bit of history for the world you are about to enter. A thousand years ago, when technology and magic reigned, the War of the Magi obliterated all of the world?s magic and most of the knowledge. Since then, many things have been rediscovered, and technology is once again in charge. Yet even with the legends of the destructive powers of magic, there are those who seek it once again. And with this knowledge, we are introduced to our first protagonist, Terra [Tina]. Controlled by the Empire, she is lead into the town of Narshe by two Imperial Soldiers (Biggs and Wedge) upon report of the discovery of an ?Esper?. However, as soon as the trio reaches their destination, the frozen beast begins to glow and Tina advances toward it. Not to long after this, Biggs and Wedge disappear, and the screen goes black. Tina awakens in an old man?s home, and is told that she was being controlled by the Empire through the use of a Slave Crown. The old man helps her escape the town as the Narshe guards desperately try to apprehend her. Locke [Lock] is sent by the same man to help her make it out safely. After a bit of a struggle, the two manage to get away, and held towards the kingdom of Figaro. And so begins their journey filled with fighting, love, death, and pure evil (We all love Kefka).
There are so many great things about this game that I could go on for ages about, but a few stand out in my mind as the best parts. The first being the story. Final Fantasy VI was the first real mature storyline in a game up to its release. It has many aspects to the story that I had just not seen in any RPG prior to it. I would love to go into detail, but I don?t want to ruin the game for you. I can say, however, that there was not a character in this game that I didn?t at least like. Many of them I am fond of, but each was enjoyable in their own way.
The battle system was also one of revolution. With the introduction of Espers, the first Materia-like system was founded, and so was the ability to equip items to learn magic spells. This would make way for the popular Materia System found in installment, Final Fantasy VII (But that?s a whole other review). Along with this Esper System were the special menus. Unlike most of the time special menus are in a game, these proved to be quite useful, especially Edgar?s ?Machine? menu.
Graphically, Final Fantasy VI stands ahead of all the competitors for the Super Nintendo. As most people can attest to, many old 16 bit games still carried a tile-ish look with the graphics, but not VI. The detail in this game succeeded to push the Super Nintendo to its limit, draining it of all it?s worth. The world designs are simply stunning with a much darker look to them. Also, the character sprites were a joy to watch run around as you made your way through the game.
Overall, Final Fantasy VI was and is a remarkable game; one that has stood the test of time and is still ranked number 1 in many of today?s gamer?s books. And for good reason too. Final Fantasy VI has everything you look for in an RPG, wonderful storyline, exciting characters, entertaining game play, and pleasing graphics. It?s not just another Square masterpiece.
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