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Chrono Trigger

Traditional RPG
  • September 27, 1995
  • March 11, 1995
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Chrono Trigger, A Time Above

A Chrono Trigger review Author: Rob Published: July 20, 2002
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Chrono Trigger, a place with one world, but many times. Chrono Trigger, a place where great evil exists. Chrono Trigger, a place with a mute hero. Chrono Trigger?
If you mention this game to a serious gamer, you are likely to see their eyes glaze over. I know that mine do. One of the best looking games that Square has ever come out with (and I do include the Playstation games). It has beautiful graphics, magnificent pre-rendered backgrounds, and exquisitely detailed character sprites. It even had some 3-D spells, and it was on the SNES! All of the battles took place on the same screen as you are walking on, proving that Square has had this capability since long before Final Fantasy X.
The musical score is perfect, or nearly so. The music superbly matches what is curently happening in the game. It adds ambience perfectly, and that is what music is supposed to do in a video game/movie/TV show. You will most likely be humming tunes for the next week after you finish the game.
The story is sometimes sad, sometimes happy, sometimes strange, but it all comes together to make a perfect storyline. It is probably the video game that causes the biggest emotional rollercoaster, as it is a very light hearted affair, with melancholy at just the right points. Some of the most memorable sections of the game are also the most funny, or the most melancholic, or saddest?
Crono is so widely known that all subsequent mute heroes have been called a ?Crono-esque? hero, on more than one occasion.
The degree of difficulty here is quite low. More or less, you can just go through the game and your level will rise in accordance with what is needed to defeat all of the bosses. Lavos is the only exception to this rule. He/She/It is the exception that proves the rule.
How many games can claim to have 12 different possible endings that depend on when, and what you?ve done, in the game, when you complete it? Chrono Trigger can!
However... (*semi-SPOILER*)
The one major downfall of Chrono Trigger is that there is almost no elaboration on WHY the big bad boss, Lavos is trying to destroy the world. In my own humble opinion, any of the sequels that this game is bound to have should have some sort of elaboration on WHY that this is occurring. That is the one major loophole in the story, but other than that, it approaches perfection, and is the closest that any game has ever come to attaining that goal.
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