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Chrono Trigger

Traditional RPG
  • September 27, 1995
  • March 11, 1995
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A Classic In Its Own Time!

A Chrono Trigger review Author: Lionheart115 Published: March 18, 2004
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That's right. This is the game that everyone and their grandma has played. And who wouldn't consider playing this game after hearing about it? When you put together an innovative and compelling story line, killer graphics (for the SNES' standard, mind you), a breathtaking soundtrack, and deep and developmental characters, what more could you ask for?
This 1995 classic follows the story of a teenage boy named Crono, and the journey that he embarks on that sends him through the realms of time. Amidst all that is the past and future, Crono teams up with characters from different time eras, in hope to save a future that seems to be inevitably lost.
Sounds like your regular "Back to the Future" kind of gig, right? Well... it certainly isn't, thank you very much.
The game's gameplay flows quite smoothly. The transitions between events and occurrences in the story are gently handled, and explained well. You may or may not be swept into the story immediately, but in due time, at least everyone (in my opinion) will have at least something good to say about the plot. One example would be in how the way that the idea of "Time" is used in this game. As contradicting as the idea sounds, Team Square does such a good job at intertwining that very idea into the story to make it a game that a gamer will never forget.
Characters. Another good point of the game. I will admit this one statement. Some of the characters you will love immediately, some you will hate immediately. That's a given for any RPG in my opinion. A majority of them however are so deep and colorful. They undergo certain changes and experiences, and are different by the end of the game. Gamers will literally fall into the many subplots that the game has to offer. Yes, subplots. These subplots and side quests (which are very similar to the those who are familiar with the Final Fantasy series) delve deeper into specific characters, and ultimately solve a problem for them or reveal some very important aspects to the volume of their personalities.
The Soundtrack is to die for. For the standards of the SNES, this game came out of the RPG Box and knocked game composers for a loop. And then some. I will have to say that the Chrono Trigger score is probably one of the most touching and powerful scores that I've ever heard in an RPG before. It is up there with the Final Fantasy 3/6 score. That's big, well... for any RPG buff anyway. Players will literally get certain songs stuck in their head when playing this game. It's a given. This soundtrack set the bar for many of the RPGs that came afterwards. 'Nuff said about that.
Replay value is a big factor in this game. Okay, okay. Many of you probably toss your many RPGs into your closets after utterly demolishing them. This one however will refuse to be demolished. Not until you find all 13 (or is it 14?) endings to the game that is. Yes... the game has that many endings, and players will open up an option called "New Game +" after beating the game for the very first time. This option allows players to start the game all over again, being able to access the final boss at the beginning of the game. Meaning, if you kill the final boss at a specific point in the story, the ending will be different! Ta Da! That's not all either. "New Game +" allows players to copy their old files onto their new ones. Meaning that when the player replays the game, they will start with every item that they possessed in their older file. Also, Crono and the other playable characters' level experience and equipment are intact as well. Pretty nifty, eh? Of course.
Overall, this game is a 10 in every way. Regardless of what system it is on or how old it is, this game is a game to be remember for all time. Well done, Square. I expect no lesser from you.
Enix? Well... that's another story. But this all the time I have for now. Adieu!
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