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Tons of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Small King screens
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Forums / News / Tons of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Small King screens

"Hey Paw, what do all 'dem squiggly lines mean?"

Thank god they finally made a Sims version of Final Fantasy. How did I live with out it?
this game is a downloadable for the wii right?
Who do you think is at fault for the more child themed games on the Wii? Is that what Nintendo wants or do game creators think that is the only thing that will sell on the system?

It's strange to see stuff like this in the vast majority and then release violent games like No More Heroes and Resident Evil.
Yeah, and now that it is being released well after the Sims craze has died down, nobody can accuse SE of genre leeching.
Maybe not leeching, but there's definitely a form of sucking taking place.
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