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In April 2005 I contacted Matt and suggested a website to help update the album DB. I offered a "small hand" which has now resulted in a significant expansion of the database, as well as filling in many gaps. My limited Japanese has aided many additions and changes into track translation, as well as citing future album details direct from Square Enix Japan.

My love for game and anime music also resulted in bringing Eminence to Melbourne in Australia, and I have worked on 6 concerts in total, and there'll be more to come. I met Yasunori Mitsuda at our most recent concert, Passion and was happy to chat to him and have him sign my copy of Kirite.

I saw Akira around 8 years or so ago, followed closely by Ghost in the Shell, which began my love for Japanese animation. I now own around 45 DVDs of the stuff, and can't get enough of it. There's something about the style that grabs me, and I have since written cinema essays as well as filling the job of treasurer of an anime club for a while during 2005.

My gaming life began, similar to many, on the Nintendo Entertainment System. However my better memories begin on the Super Nintendo, although I was never fortunate enough to own one. I did however recieve a Nintendo 64 one Christmas, which I enjoyed, though not as much as this kid. I played, finished and then clocked Ocarina of Time, and I will eternally love that game for it's sheer beauty.

Last year I entered university to study advanced Japanese and Asian Studies. That ended badly. I then began a degree in I.T at a different institution which so far is going well. When I'm not floating around on the internet, I'm levelling up on WoW. I began a few months ago, and became one of the masses. I must admit though it is fun, and sure is a hell of a lot better than Final Fantasy XI.

I've been a member of the Haven since 2003, and have always enjoyed the witty banter, up-to-date pilfered news and design. Now I get to be a part of it and pay the other staff back for my enjoyment.

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