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Drag-on Dragoon 2 Original Soundtrack

The second Drakengard game proved less flawed and more polished than its predecessor, which was met with differing reviews upon its release in 2003. The same could be said of its soundtrack, which was ambitious in concept but flawed in execution -- repetitive orchestral samples that may have been listenable if they'd not been fraught with noise interjection intended by the composer. This second album is less sanodg and more consistent, then, to reflect that maturation in the series. Songs are certainly more whole and the instrumentatals more solid, though sometimes the sampling makes it hard to tell harmonica from violin (though whether that's intentional remains to be seen). It's also wrapped in two live orchestrated tracks, those being presumably the introduction and ending themes, the latter of which is performed rather aptly by Mika Nakashima (whom I've obviously never heard of).

- Rahul Choudhury (July 27, 2005)

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Track list translation: #gamemp3s and FF Music.
 Disc 1
Disc 1 Name Artist Type In-game location Time
1 Symphonic Poem "Forbidden Prelude" Yoshiki     3:48
2 Fate Yoshiki     2:46
3 Plains of Pity Yoshiki     3:06
4 Reminiscence Is Madness Yoshiki     3:09
5 Old Tombstone Yoshiki     3:14
6 Valley of Avidya Yoshiki     3:22
7 Black Requiem Yoshiki     3:25
8 Formidable Enemy Yoshiki     3:07
9 Vein of Grief Yoshiki     3:24
10 Sadness Yoshiki     3:00
11 "Exhausted" ~On the Holy Land~ Sano     3:40
12 "Exhausted" ~The Broken Past~ Sano     2:51
13 Abysmal Earth Yoshiki     3:15
14 Furious Earth Yoshiki     2:54
15 Twilight Hill Yoshiki     3:20
16 The End of the Conclusion Yoshiki     3:02
17 Impatience Yoshiki     3:05
18 Exploration Yoshiki     3:38
19 Breakthrough Yoshiki     2:52
20 Unrest Yoshiki     3:13
21 Final Battle Yoshiki     2:50
22 Hitori Matsumoto & Satomi (Nakashima)     5:51
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