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A Night in Fantasia Limited Edition CD

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 Disc 1
Disc 1 Name Artist Type In-game location Time
1 Morning in the Slag Ravine Hisashi [Brady]   Laputa - The Castle in the Sky 0:56
2 Laputa Hisashi [Brady]   Laputa - The Castle in the Sky 3:52
3 Carrying You Hisashi [Brady]   Laputa - The Castle in the Sky 3:36
4 Approaching Night Hisashi [Brady]   Spirited Away 3:17
5 The Boy of the Dragons Hisashi [Harrison]   Spirited Away 1:41
6 Opening Hisashi [Brady]   Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind 2:14
7 The Man of Bird Hisashi [Brady]   Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind 1:58
8 The Sepia Coloured Photo Hisashi [Brady]   Porco Rosso 0:49
9 Time for Old Memories Hisashi [Kanno, Ooguchi & Brady] (Moriwaki)   Porco Rosso 3:43
10 Dog Fight Hisashi [Brady]   Porco Rosso 2:13
11 Mother Hisashi [Harrison] (Moriwaki)   My Neighbour Totoro 3:49
12 On a Sunny Day Hisashi [Brady]   Kiki's Delivery Service 2:09
13 On Your Mark Hisashi [Harrison] (Mochizuki)   On Your Mark 6:23
14 Journey to the West Hisashi [Brady]   Princess Mononoke 3:40
15 Liberi Fatali Uematsu [Brady]   Final Fantasy VIII 3:17
16 Cloud's Theme (Main Theme) Uematsu [Brady]   Final Fantasy VII 6:21
17 Melodies of Life Uematsu [Harrison] (Tumewa)   Final Fantasy IX 5:23
18 Aeris' Theme Uematsu [Brady]   Final Fantasy VII 2:53
19 Fragments of Memories Uematsu [Morrison]   Final Fantasy VIII 4:20
20 Eyes on Me Uematsu [Harrison] (Liu)   Final Fantasy VIII 6:03
21 Scene I Uematsu [Brady]   Final Fantasy Symphonic Suite 4:26
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