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Okami Original Soundtrack 

The Okami OST is a startling fusion of techno tracks and traditional flute, shamisen and koto music. The composers attempt to refine Jpop into tasteful compositions, while pumping some life into the traditionally funereal kabuki fare, attaining surprisingly successful results. The soundtrack takes a stab at every Japanese genre in arm's reach, for the most part succeeding brilliantly. The music composition by Hiroshi Yamaguchi, Masami Ueda, and Rei Kondou, is both distinctive and tasteful, particularly Ayaka Hirahara's stirring "Reset." Weighing in at five discs and 218 tracks, the Okami original soundtrack works its kimono-clad arse off to win its listeners' attention.

- Jeriaska (September 26, 2006)

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Track list translation: gmronline.
 Disc 1
Disc 1 Name Artist Type In-game location Time
1 Title Masami Ueda      
2 Title Call Masami Ueda      
3 The Beginning Masami Ueda      
4 Prologue Masami Ueda      
5 Sinister Design Masami Ueda      
6 Yamato-no-Orochi Masami Ueda      
7 The Great Goddess Masami Ueda      
8 Oira's Theme Hiroshi Yamaguchi      
9 Curse Masami Ueda      
10 Izanagi Cavern Masami Ueda      
11 Looking up at the Stars Masami Ueda      
12 Constellation (dragon sketch) Hiroshi Yamaguchi      
13 Constellation Complete Masami Ueda      
14 Painting God Appearance Masami Ueda      
15 Talking with the Painted God Hiroshi Yamaguchi      
16 Painting Piece Hiroshi Yamaguchi      
17 Dragon Sketch Success Hiroshi Yamaguchi      
18 Mysterious Disappearance Masami Ueda      
19 Kamiki Village Restoration Hiroshi Yamaguchi      
20 Old Man Orange Hiroshi Yamaguchi      
21 A Monster's Presence Masami Ueda      
22 Spirit Extermination Masami Ueda      
23 Battle Assessment (Kami) Masami Ueda      
24 Kamiki Village I Masami Ueda      
25 Kamiki Village II Masami Ueda      
26 Digging Here Masami Ueda      
27 An Oddly-Shaped Radish Masami Ueda      
28 Practice-Ditching Susana-o Masami Ueda      
29 Giving Susana-o a ride Masami Ueda      
30 Taking the Bait Masami Ueda      
31 Susana-o's Training Masami Ueda      
32 Impatient Susana-o Masami Ueda      
33 Slicing the Huge Rock Success Masami Ueda      
34 Cursed Shinshuu Plains I Masami Ueda      
35 Cursed Shinshuu Plains II Masami Ueda      
36 Cursed Hanasaki Valley Hiroshi Yamaguchi      
37 Demon's Banquet Masami Ueda      
38 Nemuri's Theme Masami Ueda      
39 Eager Susana-o First Half Masami Ueda      
40 Eager Susana-o Second Half Masami Ueda      
41 Susana-o's Fight Masami Ueda      
42 Blocking Bud Restoration Masami Ueda      
43 Hanasaki Valley's Restoration Hiroshi Yamaguchi      
44 Hanasaki Valley Masami Ueda      
45 Cursed Place Masami Ueda      
46 Descent of the Great Goddess Hiroshi Yamaguchi      
47 Shinshuu Plains I Masami Ueda      
48 Shinshuu Plains II Masami Ueda      
49 Dojo Entrance Masami Ueda      
50 Kozuka Onigirisai Masami Ueda      
51 Tamaya's Theme Masami Ueda      
52 Tamaya's Dance Masami Ueda      
53 Shinto Priest Mikazuki Akari Groves      
54 Scoundrel's Appearance Hiroshi Yamaguchi      
55 Scoundrel's Punishment Hiroshi Yamaguchi      
56 Idaten Start Hiroshi Yamaguchi      
57 Idaten Masami Ueda      
58 Idaten Victory Masami Ueda      
59 Harami Lake Masami Ueda      
 Disc 2
Disc 2 Name Artist Type In-game location Time
1 Cherry Blossom Storm Hiroshi Yamaguchi      
2 Old Man Orange Masami Ueda      
3 At Last the Time has Come Masami Ueda      
4 The Orange Becomes Big Masami Ueda      
5 Dangerous Old Man Masami Ueda      
6 Preparations Complete Masami Ueda      
7 True Kagura Hiroshi Yamaguchi      
8 Absolutely Not Hiroshi Yamaguchi      
9 Sakuya's Theme Masami Ueda      
10 Sakuya First Half Masami Ueda      
11 Sakuya Seconf Half Masami Ueda      
12 Agata Forest Masami Ueda      
13 Sound of a Flute Hiroshi Yamaguchi      
14 Ushikawa's Theme Hiroshi Yamaguchi      
15 Ushikawa's Appearance Hiroshi Yamaguchi      
16 Confronting Ushikawa Hiroshi Yamaguchi      
17 Ushikawa's Dance Hiroshi Yamaguchi      
18 Granny Bokusen's Theme Hiroshi Yamaguchi      
19 Tsukamaki Returns Hiroshi Yamaguchi      
20 Question and Answer Wall Masami Ueda      
21 A Spring Reborn Akari Groves      
22 Save I Hiroshi Yamaguchi      
23 Save II Hiroshi Yamaguchi      
24 A Great Spirit Lies in Wait Akari Groves      
25 How Odd Masami Ueda      
26 Close Call for Ameterasu Masami Ueda      
27 Geisha Spider's Appearance Masami Ueda      
28 Geisha Spider's Rage Masami Ueda      
29 Geisha Spider's Extermination Masami Ueda      
30 Hopeless Masami Ueda      
31 Victory Cry Hiroshi Yamaguchi      
32 Boss Battle Clear Hiroshi Yamaguchi      
33 Waterfall Masami Ueda      
34 Thank Goodness for Kokari Rei Kondoh      
35 Kusanagi Village I Hiroshi Yamaguchi      
36 Kusanagi Village II Hiroshi Yamaguchi      
37 The Eight Warriors Hiroshi Yamaguchi      
38 Terror! Akari Groves      
39 Old Man and Granny Tongue Masami Ueda      
40 ChunJack's Theme Hiroshi Yamaguchi      
41 Boss and Sparrow Union Masami Ueda      
42 Sparrow's Inn Masami Ueda      
43 Mysterious Power Hiroshi Yamaguchi      
44 There's Something About Kokari Rei Kondoh      
45 Battle with Tatami Head Rei Kondoh      
46 Making Mochi Hiroshi Yamaguchi      
47 Red Helmet Masami Ueda      
48 Anger Towards Kami Hiroshi Yamaguchi      
 Disc 3
Disc 3 Name Artist Type In-game location Time
1 Doomed Rei Kondoh      
2 Bone Arrowheads Rei Kondoh      
3 To Believe Rei Kondoh      
4 Kushinada Rei Kondoh      
5 Giving Kushinada a Ride Rei Kondoh      
6 Ushikawa Dance Hiroshi Yamaguchi      
7 Izayoi Shrine Rei Kondoh      
8 Yamato-no-Orochi Appearance Masami Ueda      
9 Yamato-no-Orochi's Extermination Rei Kondoh      
10 Kushinada's Crisis Masami Ueda      
11 Susana-O's Appearance Masami Ueda      
12 The Words of a Blood Oath Masami Ueda      
13 True Susana-o Masami Ueda      
14 Yamato-no-Orochi's Extermination II Rei Kondoh      
15 The Time Has Come Masami Ueda      
16 The Seventh Seal Masami Ueda      
17 Seven Spirited Lives Masami Ueda      
18 Two People Gazing at Each Other Masami Ueda      
19 Kamiki Festival Hiroshi Yamaguchi      
20 Ryoshima Plains I Hiroshi Yamaguchi      
21 Ryoshima Plains II Hiroshi Yamaguchi      
22 Cursed Seiankyou Rei Kondoh      
23 More Digging Here Masami Ueda      
24 Tsuzurao's Theme Rei Kondoh      
25 The Insane Water Dragon Rei Kondoh      
26 Seiankyou Nobles Quarters I Hiroshi Yamaguchi      
27 Seiankyou Nobles Quarters II Hiroshi Yamaguchi      
28 Seiankyou Commoners Quarters I Hiroshi Yamaguchi      
29 Seiankyou Commoners Quarters II Hiroshi Yamaguchi      
30 An Errand Hiroshi Yamaguchi      
31 Fun Picture Sketching Hiroshi Yamaguchi      
32 Camellia Kagura Hiroshi Yamaguchi      
33 Cherry Blossoms Hiroshi Yamaguchi      
34 Kaguya's Theme I Masami Ueda      
35 Kaguya's Theme II Masami Ueda      
36 Launching Iron Bamboo Shoot Rei Kondoh      
37 Kaguya's Journey Rei Kondoh      
38 Queen Himiko's Shrine Rei Kondoh      
39 In the Mosquito's Net Rei Kondoh      
40 Queen Himiko's Sorrow Rei Kondoh      
41 Shachimaru's Shrine Rei Kondoh      
42 Slipped Masami Ueda      
43 We'll Always Be Together Masami Ueda      
44 Miraculaous Spring Masami Ueda      
45 Helping with the Fishing Hiroshi Yamaguchi      
46 Playing with Issun Hiroshi Yamaguchi      
47 Dragon Palace Rei Kondoh      
48 Inside the Water Dragon Rei Kondoh      
49 Escape From Inside the Water Dragon Masami Ueda      
 Disc 4
Disc 4 Name Artist Type In-game location Time
1 Oni Island Masami Ueda      
2 Demon Lord Rei Kondoh      
3 Okikurmi's Theme Hiroshi Yamaguchi      
4 Norther Country Kamui I Hiroshi Yamaguchi      
5 Norther Country Kamui II Hiroshi Yamaguchi      
6 Uepeker I Masami Ueda      
7 Uepeker II Masami Ueda      
8 Okikurmi's Fate Hiroshi Yamaguchi      
9 Shakuya's Theme Masami Ueda      
10 Kamiki Village's Sorrowful Custom Hiroshi Yamaguchi      
11 Ezo Fuji Irwak Shrine Rei Kondoh      
12 True Strength Hiroshi Yamaguchi      
13 Okikurmi the Hero Hiroshi Yamaguchi      
14 Twin Devils Rei Kondoh      
15 Twin Devils Sorcery Rei Kondoh      
16 Promise Hiroshi Yamaguchi      
17 Time of Parting Hiroshi Yamaguchi      
18 A Resolute Person Rei Kondoh      
19 Ushikawa's Last Dance Masami Ueda      
20 Tribe of Heavenly Kami Rei Kondoh      
21 An Eerie Winter's Eclipse Rei Kondoh      
22 The Setting Sun Rei Kondoh      
23 Ushikawa's Fate Rei Kondoh      
24 People of the Moon Theme Rei Kondoh      
25 Emperor of Eternal Darkness Rei Kondoh      
26 "Reset"~Thank You Hiroshi Yamaguchi      
27 Okami White Light Hiroshi Yamaguchi      
28 The Sun Rises Rei Kondoh      
29 The Journey Continues Rei Kondoh      
30 To Tamagahara Masami Ueda      
31 "Reset" Ayaka Hirahara      
32 The End Masami Ueda      
 Disc 5
Disc 5 Name Artist Type In-game location Time
1 Clover Demo Masami Ueda      
2 Item Acquisition Masami Ueda      
3 Handing Over an Item Masami Ueda      
4 Finding a Treasure Box Masami Ueda      
5 Treasure Acquisition Hiroshi Yamaguchi      
6 Level Up Hiroshi Yamaguchi      
7 Godly Purification I Masami Ueda      
8 Godly Purification II Masami Ueda      
9 Godly Purification II Masami Ueda      
10 Small Success Masami Ueda      
11 Medium Success Masami Ueda      
12 Big Success Masami Ueda      
13 Super Big Success Masami Ueda      
14 Miracle Masami Ueda      
15 Death Masami Ueda      
16 Nursery Rhyme I Hiroshi Yamaguchi      
17 Nursery Rhyme II Hiroshi Yamaguchi      
18 Nursery Rhyme II Hiroshi Yamaguchi      
19 In-House Presentation Type A Masami Ueda      
20 In-House Presentation Type B Masami Ueda      
21 Clover Studio Establishment Announcement Masami Ueda      
22 Tokyo Game Show 2004 Promotion Masami Ueda      
23 E3 2005 Promotion Masami Ueda      
24 Tokyo Game Show 2005 Promotion Hiroshi Yamaguchi      
25 Okami Image Song Prototype I Masami Ueda      
26 Okami Image Song Prototype II Masami Ueda      
27 Okami Image Song Prototype III Masami Ueda      
28 Uepeker Prototype Version I Masami Ueda      
29 Uepeker Prototype Version II Masami Ueda      
30 Looking Forward to the Next One! Hiroshi Yamaguchi, Masami Ueda      
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