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Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII 
Original Soundtrack

Masashi Hamauzu composes a soothing, laid-back soundtrack to the action shooter sequel of Final Fantasy VII. The soundtrack plays more like a bedtime story than an FPS with RPG elements. Fans hoping for a violin and piano remix of Vincent and company's classic tunes from the Playstation era will not find it here.

It does have Gackt, though.

- Jeriaska (September 27, 2006)

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 Disc 1
Disc 1 Name Artist Type In-game location Time
1 Fliker Hamauzu     1:26
2 Calm Before the Storm Hamauzu     2:19
3 Trigger Situation Hamauzu     2:03
4 Prologue of "DIRGE of CERBERUS" Hamauzu     2:45
5 Fragment of Memory Hamauzu     3:59
6 Fearful Happening Hamauzu     3:51
7 WRO March Hamauzu     2:21
8 Azui the Cerulean Hamauzu     2:13
9 Fight Tune "Arms of Shinra" Hamauzu     3:11
10 Abhorrence Whirls Hamauzu     3:41
11 Silent Edge Hamauzu     3:04
12 Undulation Hamauzu     1:03
13 Counteroffensive Hamauzu     2:18
14 Ten Year Reunion Hamauzu     3:29
15 Fight Tune "Girl Named Shelke" Hamauzu     2:53
16 Fight Tune "Killing One Another" Hamauzu     2:09
17 Uneasy Feelings Hamauzu     2:49
18 Memories with Lucrecia Hamauzu     1:09
19 Sneaky Cait Sith Hamauzu     3:55
20 Darkness Hamauzu     2:18
21 Lifestream Hamauzu     4:07
22 Rosso the Crimson Hamauzu     1:22
23 Mysterious Ninja Hamauzu     1:09
24 Ninja Girl of Wutai Hamauzu     1:22
25 Sudden Parting Hamauzu     1:09
26 Discovery in Sadness Hamauzu     1:23
27 A Proposal Hamauzu     2:15
28 High-Spirited Hamauzu     0:39
29 Return to the Subject Hamauzu     2:53
30 Marching Tune #0 Hamauzu     0:55
 Disc 2
Disc 2 Name Artist Type In-game location Time
1 Return of the Origin Hamauzu      
2 Marching Tune Hamauzu      
3 Fight Tune "Crimson Impact" Hamauzu      
4 Under a Full Moon Hamauzu      
5 Trespasser Hamauzu      
6 Transformation into Chaos Hamauzu      
7 Splinter of Sadness Hamauzu      
8 Deep Darkness of Shinra Hamauzu      
9 Lucrecia Crescent Hamauzu      
10 Forgotten Tears Hamauzu      
11 Fight Tune "Messenger of the Dark" Hamauzu      
12 Awakening Hamauzu      
13 Fight Tune "The Immaculate" Hamauzu      
14 Finally Reborn Hamauzu      
15 The Last SND Hamauzu      
16 Everyone's Help Hamauzu      
17 Longing Gackt      
18 Terminus Hamauzu      
19 Quickening Hamauzu      
20 Death and Rebirth Hamauzu      
21 Chaotic End Hamauzu      
22 Redemtion Gackt      
23 Hope of the Future Hamauzu      
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