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Project Majestic Mix Silver Edition

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 Disc 1
Disc 1 Name Artist Type In-game location Time
1 Prelude Mustin   Final Fantasy 5:10
2 Final Fantasy I Main Theme JAXX vs Ailsean   Final Fantasy 2:03
3 Town Dale North   Final Fantasy II 3:52
4 Rydia Matt Stofferahn   Final Fantasy IV 5:00
5 Within the Giant Stephen Kennedy   Final Fantasy IV 3:17
6 Elia, Maiden of the Water (Vocal) Jonathan Geer   Final Fantasy III 4:03
7 Coast of the Sun The OneUp Mushrooms   Final Fantasy VII 3:47
8 Anxious Heart Jan van Valburg & Stephen Kennedy   Final Fantasy VII 5:52
9 Forever Rachel Chris Tilton   Final Fantasy VI 4:09
10 Cayenne Stephen Kennedy   Final Fantasy VI 8:04
11 Seymour's Theme Mustin   Final Fantasy X 3:36
12 Man with the Machine Gun Jan van Valburg   Final Fantasy VIII 4:14
13 Sealed Door McVaffe   Chrono Trigger 5:38
14 Sentinel Dale North   Front Mission: Gun Hazard 3:00
15 You're Not Alone! Dale North & Ailsean   Final Fantasy IX 2:47
16 Prelude Ailsean   Final Fantasy 4:54
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