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SQUAREDANCE Standard Edition

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(February 09, 2003)

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 Disc 1
Disc 1 Name Artist Type In-game location Time
1 Hip-Hop Corridor (Itchy Trigger Finger Mix) AE (Mitsuda) Location (CT) Zeal 3:44
2 Soulless Village Jan van Valburg (Uematsu) Location (FFIX) Bran Bal 6:02
3 Spacecat Dale North (Mitsuda) (CT) ? 4:04
4 Hello World Mustin vs FFMusic Dj (Ito) Theme (SoE) Title screen 3:17
5 Cyan (MYKTransformationMix) djpretzel (Uematsu) Character (FFVI) Theme of Doma, Cyan 4:09
6 Forest Animal Groove po! (Kikuta) Location (SoM) Sprite Forest 2:36
7 To Far Away Times Kaijin & Jaxx (Mitsuda) Event (CT) Ending theme 3:43
8 World of Ruin (No Drum Loops Mix) McB vs Mustin (Uematsu) Location (FFVI) World of Ruin map 5:06
9 Adventurous Break Matt Pollard (Ito) Boss Battle (FFA) ? 3:03
10 Cecil's Jinn and Juice mellogear vs Mustin (Uematsu) Location (FFIV); Location (FFIII) World map; Jinn's cave 5:32
11 Reiterated Inspiration Scott Peeples (Mitsuda) Location (CC) Another World 5:50
12 Magus (Raw Trance Exhaustion) Zeratul (Mitsuda) Battle (CT) Battles w/ Magus 5:40
13 The Day Will Come Dale North (Uematsu) Event (FFV) Solemn scene (variant of Lenna's theme) 4:30
14 Star Stealing Girl FFMusic Dj (Mitsuda) (CC) ? 5:33
15 Forest Starlight po! (Mitsuda) Location (CT) Guardia Forest 4:26
16 The Ultimate Being Roger Matthews (Shimomura) Boss battle (PE) ? 4:19