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Star Ocean: Till the End of Time 
Original Soundtrack Volume 1

Star Ocean 3 brings with its epic endeavour an equally epic soundtrack: composed by the same Sakuraba responsible for its previous incarnations' soundtracks, as well as the excellent strategy RPG Valkyrie Profile's music, Star Ocean 3: Till the End of Time comes in two volumes, this being the first. In an obvious attempt to equal the hype surrounding Xenosaga: Episode 1's use of the London Philharmonic Orchestra in its soundtrack, Star Ocean dedicates this entire first set of discs to the classical, orchestrated tracks used in the game, and the difference in quality over the murky themes from Star Ocean: The Second Story, along with the questionable sampling, makes for a refreshing chance that can only be encouraged for a composer so renowned for his electronica styled music. Give it a listen.

- Rahul Choudhury (April 21, 2003)

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 Disc 1
Disc 1 Name Artist Type In-game location Time
1 The Dawn of Wisdom Sakuraba     2:37
2 Into the Undiscovered Ocean Sakuraba     0:40
3 Fly by Contact Sakuraba     1:19
4 Starless Wavelets Sakuraba     3:13
5 Imbalance Sakuraba     2:13
6 Misted Moon Sakuraba     2:38
7 Lakes and Marshes with Doubt Sakuraba     2:04
8 Fallen Leaves - Flute Ver. Sakuraba     2:16
9 Chrysanthemum in Winter Sakuraba     2:45
10 The Desolate Smell of Earth Sakuraba     2:11
11 Dreams Sakuraba     0:17
12 Till the End of Time Sakuraba     2:23
13 Sail Against the Wind Sakuraba     2:31
14 Take Off From Home Sakuraba     2:03
15 Into a Storm not Memorized Sakuraba     2:21
16 The Outbreak of War Sakuraba     1:57
17 March for Glory Sakuraba     2:24
18 Requiem for a Saint Sakuraba     2:30
19 Stafflower in the Castle Town Sakuraba     2:10
20 Collapse of Frailty Sakuraba     1:50
21 Lively Step Sakuraba     2:07
 Disc 2
Disc 2 Name Artist Type In-game location Time
1 Ice Crystal Sakuraba     2:11
2 The Future of the Blood-stained Blade Sakuraba     2:30
3 Calm Mind Reflected in the Pupil Sakuraba     2:20
4 Reflected Moon Sakuraba     2:25
5 Manifestation Sakuraba     1:00
6 So Alone, So Sorrowful - Piano Ver. Sakuraba     3:40
7 Imperial Garden Sakuraba     2:40
8 So Alone, So Sorrowful Sakuraba     3:49
9 Influence of Truth Appearance Sakuraba     3:11
10 Brass Wings Sakuraba     2:49
11 Like Squashing Grape Sakuraba     3:36
12 Interval of Frozen Time Sakuraba     2:19
13 Fallen Leaves Sakuraba     3:31
14 Dark Flare Sakuraba     2:13
15 Divine Indignation Sakuraba     3:57
16 Road of Despair Sakuraba     4:21
17 Brilliant Future Sakuraba     3:46
18 Brass Wings (Another Ver.) Sakuraba     3:04