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Hanjuku Hero IV: The Seven Half-Boiled Heroes 
~Sound Collection~

This album was released as a promotional item that came with the limited edition of Hanjuku Hero IV: The Seven Half-Boiled Heroes. The composers gave themselves the name "Nobuo Uematsu & The Hanjuku Mages" to the point that 'The Hanjuku Mages' is actually printed in the bottom right-hand corner of the album cover. Sekito & Fukui are present, the arrangers and band-members of The Black Mages and their 2nd album, as well as Okamiya, who also arranged said album, as well as playing guitar. Just as this news article begged, "somebody please tell me what's going on." The Hanjuku Mages? One must also take note of the egg sandwich cover, which is not the most normal of OST covers. Is this some crazy piece of rock/egg/vapid music? Given the amount of input from various Square-Enix music staff, one really must wonder...

- Nephtis (February 09, 2006)

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Track list translation: FF Music.
 Disc 1
Disc 1 Name Artist Type In-game location Time
1 Still More Fighting! Hanjuku Hero Uematsu [Okamiya] (Sasaki x2 & HSG-D)      
2 Legend... Uematsu      
3 Peaceful Kingdom Uematsu      
4 Alma Moon's Walk Uematsu      
5 Kingdom Conditions Monthly Uematsu      
6 Barrage Ring Battle Uematsu      
7 Hondara Egg Musical Dance Uematsu      
8 You're Not Wanted Here Uematsu      
9 Wandering in a Different Space Uematsu      
10 Katori's Raging Blood Uematsu      
11 A Blooming Rose Which Sings Ito      
12 Love and Dream Egg Musical Dance Uematsu [Ito]      
13 Changing Heartbreak into a Blade Ito      
14 Big Egg Battle Uematsu      
15 Symphonic Matoya Uematsu [Fukui]      
16 Let's Go! Crimson Jacket Sekito      
17 Hot Blood Hondara Egg Musical Dance Uematsu [Sekito]      
18 Groar! This Hot Desire Sekito      
19 Western Pandemonium Uematsu [Sekito]      
20 Dreaming of the Lost Kingdom Yamashita      
21 Dead Spirits Egg Musical Dance Uematsu [Yamashita]      
22 Praying for the Prophecy Yamashita      
23 Xylophone Mist Dungeon Uematsu [Yamashita]      
 Disc 2
Disc 2 Name Artist Type In-game location Time
1 Hidden Research Mizuta      
2 Egg Musical Dance Smeared with Blood Uematsu [Mizuta]      
3 Reckless Blood Manipulations Mizuta      
4 Frightening Melody Uematsu      
5 Vibraphone Crystal Cave Uematsu [Ito]      
6 Cyber Sound Orchestra Noda      
7 Techno Egg Musical Dance Uematsu [Noda]      
8 Get the Research Data! Noda      
9 Minimal Crystal Tower Uematsu [Mizuta]      
10 A World Where Elephants Bark Mikoshiba      
11 Legendary Egg Musical Dance Uematsu [Fukui]      
12 Awakening -Legendary Power Kept Secret- Uematsu      
13 4 Rice Rivers Uematsu      
14 We Are The World Uematsu [Fukui]      
15 Jet Black Hatred Uematsu      
16 Sad Egg Uematsu      
17 Gaia Symphonia -Chorus- Beethoven [Fukui]      
18 Hanjuku 6?9 (=54) Uematsu [Fukui] (Sasaki x2 & Toyoguchi)      
19 Next Week's Hanjuku Hero Uematsu      
20 Hanjuku Party Uematsu      
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