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Graffiti Kingdom Hako no Niwa


Yasunori Mitsuda: a composer who needs no introduction. Over the years, his compositions for games have garnered an impressive embodiment of attention and acclaim in the game music community. Alas, in spite of being an artist of this caliber, his discography is not without hidden gems. Hako no Niwa is one such gem, oft trampled upon by hoards of fanboys in their frenzied rush to hear the likes of the ever-popular scores to Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, and Xenogears.

This is unfortunate, because Hako no Niwa boasts a similarly powerful listening experience. While the album's approach is riddled with minimalism, this feature is no detriment. The tracks utilize an enveloping simplicity that, while slightly superficial in comparison to the composer's well-known work, does not seek to sacrifice memorability. Mitsuda asserts his playful side in Hako no Niwa, engrossing the listener in a realm of innocence where they need not scrutinize the music, but instead appreciate each track for what it is.

- Kanji (June 28, 2007)

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Track list translation: Chudah's Corner, Game Music Revolution, and SquareSound.
 Disc 1
Disc 1 Name Type In-game location Time
1 The Story Starts Here     3:58
2 Chikuridori     3:03
3 Scribblings     2:09
4 Careful Preparation     2:04
5 You Can See the Windmills from this Hill     2:58
6 Harape Colosseum     2:38
7 Gallery of Ice and Flame     2:47
8 A Flow of Scorching Heat     2:32
9 The Wind's Treasure Chest     2:05
10 Cactus     2:50
11 Trying My Ability     2:37
12 The Selfish Girl     2:33
13 The Small Hopes and Small Breaths of a Young Man     2:53
14 Tower of Sand     2:46
15 The Smug Gentleman     2:31
16 In Search of a Falling Star     2:38
17 Revolving Disk     2:30
18 Wagon Tracks     2:20
19 Forest of Illusion     3:00
20 A Lonely Heart and Inner Ambitions     1:47
21 Transparent Sadness     0:56
22 Invisible Toybox     3:04
23 The Flowers Dance     2:52
24 Awakening from Sleep     1:15
25 A Perpetual Recurrence     2:52
26 A Worthy Opponent's Trap     1:50
27 One Last Battle     3:16
28 Sealed Key     3:47
29 A Small Friendship     1:42
30 The Box Garden     2:53
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