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Final Fantasy III Original Soundtrack

The DS remake has sparked interest for a number of reasons. Add the fact that Sekito & Kawamori are arranging Uematsu's music for it to the list.

- Nephtis (July 17, 2006)

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Track list translation: FF Music.
 Disc 1
Disc 1 Name Artist Type In-game location Time
1 Memory of the Wind ~Legend of the Eternal Wind~ Uematsu      
2 Prelude Uematsu      
3 Into the Crystal Cave Uematsu      
4 Battle 1 Uematsu      
5 Victory Fanfare Uematsu      
6 Crystal Room Uematsu      
7 Opening Theme Uematsu      
8 Hometown of Ur Uematsu      
9 Eternal Wind Uematsu      
10 Jinn's Curse Uematsu      
11 Dungeon Uematsu      
12 Return of the Warrior Uematsu      
13 The Road to the Mountain Top Uematsu      
14 Tozas Uematsu      
15 Nept Temple Uematsu      
16 The Enterprise Goes into the Sea Uematsu      
17 Living Forest Uematsu      
18 Ancient's Village Uematsu      
19 Chocobo Theme Uematsu      
20 Fat Chocobo Discovered Uematsu      
21 Tower of Owen Uematsu      
22 Veggies of Geasal Uematsu      
23 Castle of Hain Uematsu      
24 Hazardous Short Music 1 Uematsu      
25 Hazardous Short Music 2 Uematsu      
26 Hazardous Short Music 3 Uematsu      
27 Battle 2 Uematsu      
28 Requiem Uematsu      
29 The Enterprise Soars in the Sky Uematsu      
30 The Boundless Ocean Uematsu      
31 Elia, the Maiden of Water Uematsu      
32 Town of Alm Uematsu      
33 Piano Practice 1 Uematsu      
34 Piano Practice 2 Uematsu      
35 Swift Twist Uematsu      
36 Rest at the Inn Uematsu      
37 Added Companion Uematsu      
38 Parting from a Companion Uematsu      
39 Dancer's Dance Uematsu      
40 Item Get Uematsu      
41 Garuda Defeat Uematsu      
42 Four Old Men's Theme Uematsu      
43 Covert Village Falgabard Uematsu      
44 Megalopolis Salonia Uematsu      
45 Submarine Nautilus Uematsu      
46 Underwater Temple Uematsu      
47 Pavilion of Doga and Une Uematsu      
48 Lute of Noah Uematsu      
49 Une's Exercise Uematsu      
50 Huge Battleship Invincible Uematsu      
51 Forbidden Land Eureka Uematsu      
52 Crystal Tower Uematsu      
53 Dark Crystal Uematsu      
54 Last Battle -1- Uematsu      
55 Last Battle -2- Uematsu      
56 Last Battle -3- Uematsu      
57 Ending Theme -1- Uematsu      
58 Ending Theme -2- Uematsu      
59 Ending Theme -3- Uematsu      
60 Eternal Wind -.333 mix- Uematsu (muZik)      
61 Eternal Wind -.333 mix- Uematsu [Fukui] (The Black Mages)      
DVD Name Type In-game location Time
1 Opening Movie (5.1ch, 2ch)      
2 Promotion Video      
3 Special Interview ~FINAL FANTASY III Anecdote~      
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