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Chrono Cross Original Soundtrack

Chrono Cross met with some serious expectations when it was released in 1999, and while the game itself raises questionable issues and fearsome opinions, fans seem to agree on the overall quality of its soundtrack: excellent. If nothing else, Mitsuda managed to bring Chrono Trigger's much-loved musical style over to its sequel without suffering any losses - while the game sported little reminders that Cross and Trigger were related, so did the soundtrack (see factoids). But it also introduced us to a step forward in Mitsuda's portfolio, as where Chrono Trigger was fairly traditional and Xenogears sported a celtic style, Cross was in essence something completely new. Incredible sampling quality (for the PSX) brought forth rich acoustic guitar tracks, deep, resonating ambient tracks, but also light-hearted and energetic town themes and warm, summery overworld music that really lifted Chrono Trigger as a series to a new level of brightness and musical saturation. Chrono Cross is not merely a good soundtrack; it is a standards-setting soundtrack, and arguably one of the best Mitsuda has produced thusfar.

(The synopsis was written for the SSCX-10040 edition.)

- Rahul Choudhury (February 11, 2003)

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Track list translation: Nephtis.
 Disc 1 - Cause
Disc 1 - Cause Name Type In-game location Time
1 Chrono Cross ~Scars of Time~ Theme Title loop (1) 2:29
2 Brink of Death Boss Battle Intro sequence 2:38
3 Home Arni Town Home Arni 3:23
4 Fields of Time Overworld El Nido - Land (Home) 3:26
5 Lizard Dance Field Lizard Rock 2:41
6 Reminiscence ~Irremovable Feelings~ Emotion Opassa Beach? 3:25
7 Dreams of the Shore in Another World Overworld El Nido - Land (Another) 2:22
8 Another Arni Town Another Arni 3:32
9 The Ballad Sang of Memories Emotion Another Arni 2:51
10 Lost Fragments Emotion Cape Howl (Another) 3:12
11 Drowning Valley Field Fossil Valley 2:00
12 Another Termina Town Another Termina 2:43
13 Departed Souls Emotion ? 3:43
14 The Forest Composed Entirely of Shadow Field Shadow Forest 3:25
15 Viper Mansion Field Viper Mansion 2:54
16 Victory ~Spring's Gift~ Victory (battle) Post-battle 0:56
17 Lost Child of Time Emotion Viper Mansion 3:24
18 Another Guldove Field Another Guldove 3:26
19 Hydra's Swamp Field Hydra's Swamp 3:10
20 Fragments of Dreams Emotion Hydra's Swamp 1:35
21 Voyage ~Another World~ Overworld El Nido - Sea (Another) 2:32
22 Ghost Ship Field Ghost Ship 2:00
23 Death Volcano Field Death Volcano 3:39
24 Ancient Dragon's Fort Field Ancient Dragon's Fort 3:54
25 Grief Sequence End of Disc 1 0:20
 Disc 2 - Unveiling
Disc 2 - Unveiling Name Type In-game location Time
1 Start of the Dream Sequence Start of Disc 2 0:42
2 The Bend of Time Field Cleft of Dimensions 2:47
3 Home Termina Field Home Termina 3:38
4 Dragonrider Character Home Termina 3:01
5 Voyage ~Home World~ Overworld El Nido - Sea (Home) 3:22
6 Home Guldove Field Home Guldove 3:58
7 Home Marbule Field Home Marbule 2:55
8 Zelbess Field Zelbess 2:42
9 The Admirably Grand Magic Troupe Sequence Zelbess 1:31
10 Nap Sleep Zelbess 0:13
11 Chronomantique Overworld El Nido - Air (Home) 3:18
12 Predicament Field Viper Bluffs (Another) 2:47
13 Optimism Character Fossil Valley (Another) 2:19
14 Isle of the Dead Field Isle of the Damned 3:11
15 The Dead Sea - Tower of Geddon Overworld/Field Dead Sea 3:10
16 Prisoners of Fate Major Boss Battle Dead Sea 3:26
17 A Light Already Lost Continue Defeat 0:32
18 Earth Dragon Isle Field Earth Dragon Isle 3:16
19 Gaea's Navel Field Gaea's Navel 2:59
20 Gale Battle Battle 2:00
21 Victory ~Summer's Cry~ Victory (boss battle) Post-boss battle 0:53
22 Another Marbule Field Another Marbule 3:00
23 Magic from the Fairies Sequence Another Marbule 0:13
24 Etude 1 Sequence Another Marbule 0:12
25 Etude 2 Sequence Another Marbule 0:14
26 MAGICAL DREAMERS ~ The Wind, the Stars and the Waves Sequence Anorther Marbule 2:02
 Disc 3 - Change
Disc 3 - Change Name Artist Type In-game location Time
1 Garden of the Gods   Theme Another Marbule/Title loop (2) 2:45
2 Chronopolis   Field Chronopolis 4:12
3 Fate ~The God of Destiny~   Major Boss Battle Chronopolis 3:10
4 Jellyfish Sea   Field Jellyfish Sea 2:55
5 Burning Orphanage   Field Flashback 2:44
6 The Girl Who Stole the Stars   Character ? 3:48
7 The Dream that Time Envisions   Theme Title loop (3) 4:01
8 Dragon's Prayer   Field Terra Tower 5:57
9 Tower of Stars   Field Terra Tower 2:26
10 The Frozen Flame   Character Terra Tower 2:54
11 Dragon God   Last Battle Terra Tower 3:21
12 Into the Darkness of Time   Last Battle Tesseract 0:42
13 Life ~Distant Promise~   Ending Ending Sequence 6:32
14 Reminiscence ~Irremovable Feelings~   Ending Ending Sequence 1:39
15 Radical Dreamers ~ Le Tr?sor Interdit Noriko Mitose Vocal Credits 4:25
16 Fragments of Dreams   Theme Post-credits 2:00
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