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Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children 
Original Soundtrack

Uematsu joins the two men that arranged some of his classic battle music into The Black Mages, Sekito & Fukui. Kawamori, whose past roles involve synthesizer programming for Final Fantasy VIII, through to X-2, and XII, also joins this production. He was, interestingly enough, also the bassist in The Black Mages. Coming from the synthesizer to assisting in the composing and arranging of Square Enix' massive film title is quite a jump.

One must wonder about the nature of the music involved in Advent Children, for The Black Mages certainly suprised a lot of people with their rock arrangements. However on seeing the film I conceed that it is fanservice. The film itself is a big piece of meaty fanservice, so why not throw in a bunch of Black Mages type music to go along with it? Expect a music trip back through the style that Uematsu so wonderfully gave us in Final Fantasy VII, with some fresh blood from The Black Mages to spice it up.

- Nephtis (September 04, 2005)

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Track list translation: Square Music.
 Disc 1
Disc 1 Name Artist Type In-game location Time
1 Opening Uematsu [Hamaguchi]     1:30
2 The Promised Land Uematsu [Fukui & Nomura]     2:51
3 Beyond The Wasteland Uematsu [Fukui, Toyama]     4:14
4 Sign Uematsu [Fukui] (Fukui)     1:49
5 Tifa's Theme (Piano Version) Uematsu [Hamaguchi] (Honda)     4:23
6 For the Reunion Uematsu [Sekito] (Sekito)     2:32
7 Those who Fight (Piano Version) {FFVII Battle Theme} Uematsu [Hamaguchi] (Honda) Battle Tifa's Fight 4:00
8 Water Uematsu [Fukui] (Sekito)     2:20
9 Materia Sekito     0:52
10 Black Water Uematsu [Fukui & Sekito] (Sekito, Kawamori & Iwanaga)     2:40
11 Aeris' Theme Uematsu [Hamaguchi] (Honda) Character   4:07
12 Battle in the Forgotten City Uematsu [Fukui & Toyama]     3:24
13 Violator Uematsu [Sekito] (Sekito & Kawamori)     2:34
14 The Great Northern Cave (FFVII AC Version) Uematsu [Sekito & Kawamori]     1:51
 Disc 2
Disc 2 Name Artist Type In-game location Time
1 Divinity I Uematsu [Toyama, Nomura, Yamashita] (TP Chorus)     2:54
2 Those who Fight (FFVII AC Version) {FFVII Battle Theme} Uematsu [Sekito & Kawamori] (Sekito & Kawamori)     1:59
3 Those who Fight Further (FFVII AC Version) {FFVII Boss Theme} Uematsu [Fukui] (Sekito)     4:24
4 Divinity II Uematsu [Toyama, Nomura, Yamashita] (TP Chorus)     3:35
5 Encounter Kawamori     0:52
6 The Chase of Highway Uematsu, Kawamori [Kawamori] (Sekito & Kawamori)     4:34
7 Savior Uematsu [Sekito] (Sekito)     2:16
8 J-E-N-O-V-A (FFVII AC Version) Uematsu [Sekito] (Sekito) Battle   2:16
9 Advent: One-Winged Angel Uematsu [Hamaguchi, Fukui, Nomura, Yamashita] (Sekito, Keiji Kawamori, Fukui & G.Y.A) Battle   5:07
10 Cloud Smiles Uematsu [Hamaguchi] Sequence   3:28
11 End Credits Uematsu [Toyama] Ending Credits 5:36
12 Calling Himuro [Himuro & Matsui] (Himuro) Ending Theme Credits 5:03