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Voices from Final Fantasy 
Final Fantasy Premium Orchestra Concert

Voices from Final Fantasy is a DVD recording of arranged orchestral music from the Final Fantasy series performed live in Yokohama, Japan on February 18, 2006. The music is composed by Nobuo Uematsu and arranged by such renowned musicians as Shiro Hamaguchi, Masashi Hamauzu, and Arnie Roth. Musical director Arnie Roth conducts the orchestra during the two-hour concert, which includes highlights from the twenty-year history of Final Fantasy. Nobuo Uematsu himself serves as emcee.

- Jeriaska (May 30, 2007)

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Track list translation: FF Music.
DVD Name Artist Type In-game location Time
1 Prelude Uematsu [Miyano]      
2 Liberi Fatali Uematsu [Hamaguchi]   Final Fantasy VIII  
3 Fisherman's Horizon Uematsu [Miyano & Hamaguchi]   Final Fantasy VIII  
4 Hymn of the Faith Uematsu [Hamauzu]   Final Fantasy X  
5 Suteki da ne (Isn't it wonderful) Uematsu [Hamaguchi] (Rikki)   Final Fantasy X  
6 Final Fantasy Doo Wop Medley Uematsu [Takao] (Moogles)      
7 A Place to Call Home ~ Melodies Of Life Uematsu [Hamaguchi] (Shiratori)   Final Fantasy IX  
8 Final Fantasy Uematsu [Hamaguchi]   Final Fantasy Series  
9 Prima Vista Orchestra Uematsu [Miyano]   Final Fantasy IX  
10 The Promised Land Uematsu [Fukui]   Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children  
11 Opening Theme Memoro de la S^tono ~ Distant Worlds Uematsu [Miyano, Hamaguchi & Mizuta] (Masuda)   Final Fantasy XI  
12 Eyes On Me Uematsu [Matsuoka & Aki] (Aki)   Final Fantasy VIII  
13 Kiss Me Good-Bye Uematsu [Miyano & Fukui] (Aki)   Final Fantasy XII  
14 Opera "Maria & Draco" Uematsu [Hamaguchi] (Ota, Watanabe & Odagawa)   Final Fantasy VI  
15 Swing de Chocobo Uematsu [Roth]   Final Fantasy Series  
16 Advent: One-Winged Angel Uematsu [Fukui & Hamaguchi] (The Black Mages)   Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children  
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