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Final Fantasy VII Original Sound Track

So many years after Final Fantasy VII's release, it is hard to look back at the soundtrack and not recognize what it did. The sampling is awful, even for its time. Some of the tracks are horrible - Uematsu deserves to be shot. But outside of all that, it stands as one of the best soundtracks a game could deserve to have in 1997, because it transcended any typical expectations of what a game should do with music, and blew us all away. The main theme is both epic and tragic, reflecting a strong melody throughout the game and keeping you inline with your goals whenever you hit the overworld map. The Chocobo theme begot more refinery here than ever before, resulting in not one, but five variations to its theme. And, of course, the heralded final battle theme, One Winged Angel rests as the sole survivor of Uematsu's input into FF7's music. Nothing could stand in its way at the time, and it's questionable whether or not Uematsu could even hope to surpass it now - and that while it is essentially nothing more than a ripoff of the Carmina Burana. Aside from these stand-out tracks however, the game's soundtrack forms a solid and presentable musical overtone, giving it a depth it would not have without it (Cid's theme definitely helps to flesh out the accompanying character), and tracks like Those Chosen By the Planet or You Can Hear the Cry of the Planet are as memorable as Aerith's Theme has become, because they helped strengthen that one hopelessly incredible scene all those years ago. Uematsu may never achieve an epic feel like this one again, but it's debatable whether or not this was a perfect work. It was, however, an exceptional one.

- Rahul Choudhury (February 17, 2003)

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 Disc 1
Disc 1 Name Type In-game location Time
1 Prelude Theme Opening screen 2:52
2 Opening - Bombing Mission Suspense Midgar (Sector 7) 3:58
3 Mako Reactor Field Mako Reactor 7 3:20
4 Anxious Heart Emotion/Field Nibelheim 4:02
5 Tifa's Theme Character Seventh Heaven 5:06
6 Barret's Theme Character Seventh Heaven 3:27
7 Hurry! Suspense Sector 7 2:29
8 Lurking in the Darkness Field Train Graveyard 2:33
9 Shinra Company Theme Mako Reactor 6 4:02
10 Those Who Fight Battle   2:47
11 Fanfare Fanfare   0:55
12 Flowers Blooming in the Church Field Church/Aerith's home 4:59
13 The Turks Character Church 2:19
14 Underneath the Rotting Pizza Field Midgar 3:22
15 Oppressed People Field Midgar (sector towns) 2:38
16 Honeybee Manor Field Honeybee Manor 3:52
17 Who Are You? Sequence   1:24
18 Don of the Slums Character Midgar (Sector 5) 2:11
19 Infiltrating Shinra HQ Field Shinra HQ 3:49
20 Those Who Fight Further Boss battle   3:32
21 Red XIII's Theme Character Shinra HQ Lab 1:28
22 Crazy Motorcycle Chase Sequence Midgar highway 3:37
23 Holding My Thoughts in My Heart Field Leaving Midgar 2:14
 Disc 2
Disc 2 Name Type In-game location Time
1 FFVII Main Theme Field Overworld (before Meteor is summoned) 6:29
2 Ahead On Our Way Field Kalm 3:44
3 Good Night, Until Tomorrow Sequence Staying at an Inn 0:10
4 On That Day, Five Years Ago Sequence Flashback 3:13
5 Farm Boy Field Chocobo farm 2:52
6 Waltz de Chocobo Sequence Chocobo farm 0:34
7 Electric de Chocobo Sequence Chocobo riding 4:02
8 Cinco de Chocobo Sequence Chocobo master's house 3:00
9 Chasing the Black-Caped Man Field Mithril mines 3:04
10 Fortress of the Condor Field Fort Condor 4:00
11 Rufus' Welcoming Ceremony Sequence Junon 2:14
12 It's Hard to Stand On Two Legs Field Boat out of Junon 3:31
13 Mark of Blood Sequence Boat out of Junon 4:13
14 J-E-N-O-V-A Boss battle Battes with Jenova 2:32
15 Do You Know Who You Are? Fanfare Game over 0:37
16 Coast of the Sun Field Costa del Sol 2:28
17 Mark of a Traitor Field East Corel 3:32
18 Coal Miners' Town Field East Corel 3:00
19 Gold Saucer Field Gold Saucer 1:58
20 Cait Sith's Theme Character Gold Saucer 3:34
21 Sandy Badlands Field Desert prison 5:33
 Disc 3
Disc 3 Name Type In-game location Time
1 Valley of the Fallen Star Field Cosmo Canyon 3:36
2 Lifestream Field Lifestream 3:36
3 Great Warrior Sequence Cosmo Canyon 3:24
4 Descendant of Shinobi Character Wutai/overworld map 2:45
5 Those Chosen by the Planet Character Nibelheim 3:16
6 The Nightmare's Beginning Field Nibelheim Library 2:58
7 Cid's Theme Character Rocket Town 3:11
8 Steal the Tiny Bronco! Sequence Rocket Town 1:16
9 Wutai Field Wutai 4:29
10 Stolen Materia Sequence Wutai (overworld) 1:36
11 Racing Chocobos Sequence Gold Saucer 1:50
12 Fiddle de Chocobo Sequence Gold Saucer 2:50
13 A Great Success Fanfare Gold Saucer 0:47
14 Tango of Tears Fanfare Gold Saucer 0:49
15 Debut Sequence Gold Saucer 2:36
16 Interrupted by Fireworks Sequence Gold Saucer 2:50
17 Forested Temple Field Forested Temple 3:51
18 You Can Hear the Cry of the Planet Field City of the Ancients 3:40
19 Aerith's Theme Character City of the Ancients 4:18
20 Buried in Snow Field Icicle Inn 4:51
21 The Great Northern Cave Field Great Glacier/Overworld (after summoning Meteor) 6:05
22 Reunion Sequence Great Glacier 3:34
23 Who Am I? Sequence Great Glacier 1:37
 Disc 4
Disc 4 Name Type In-game location Time
1 Shinra Army Attacks Sequence Overworld 2:57
2 Weapon Raid Sequence Junon 2:52
3 Highwind Takes to the Skies Sequence Overworld 3:35
4 A Secret, Sleeping in the Deep Sea Field Overworld (underwater) 4:17
5 Parochial Town Field Bone Village 2:26
6 At the Edge of Despair Sequence   4:15
7 To the Other Side of the Mountain Sequence Corel 2:35
8 Hurry More! Suspense Corel 2:57
9 A Dream of Being Sent Into the Universe Field Cid's Rocket 2:50
10 The Countdown Begins Sequence Cid's Rocket 0:50
11 Open Your Heart Sequence   2:47
12 The Mako Cannon Fires - Shinra Explodes Sequence Overworld 1:33
13 The Day of One's Death Field Northern Crater 4:07
14 Perfect JENOVA Boss battle Northern Crater 3:59
15 Birth of God Boss battle Northern Crater 4:11
16 One-Winged Angel Boss battle Northern Crater 7:19
17 Planet Crisis Ending Ending sequence 8:05
18 Staff Roll Ending Credits 6:51
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