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Final Fantasy Tactics Original Soundtrack

When war is the most important theme of a game, then there must also be a soundtrack that reflects this. Sakimoto and Iwata were launched into niche popularity by their ability to compose an album that was so perfectly suited to the task that it should not be overlooked by any means. Even while it suffers from disappointing sampling quality, the melodies are (to those who can appreciate classical war music) so powerful and memorable that even the lack of an accompanying arranged album could not damage its reputation. With such animated tracks as Decisive Battle or Run Past Through the Plain, battles in Final Fantasy Tactics never suffer from repetitive or boring music even though the game is a tactical RPG. Considering FFT's gameplay is strictly battle-oriented, it's remarkable that Sakimoto and Iwata didn't falter with their compositions for cutscenes; Remnants and Under the Stars, to name a few, are magical, wintry, and calm without being over-(or under?)-bearing. "Tactics" goes down in gaming history as a game with an amazing soundtrack and it has two - now almost legendary - composers to thank for it.

- Rahul Choudhury (January 18, 2003)

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 Disc 1
Disc 1 Name Artist Type In-game location Time
1 Brand Logo ~ Title Back Sakimoto   Title Screen 1:07
2 Backborn Story Iwata     1:33
3 P.R. Movie Sakimoto   Movie (demo) 0:47
4 Unit Introduction Iwata   Job overview (demo) 3:49
5 Player Make Iwata     1:45
6 Prologue Movie Sakimoto   Opening Movie 2:51
7 House of Worship Sakimoto     0:59
8 Enemy Attack Sakimoto     0:59
9 Trisection Sakimoto Battle First battle (Orbonne) 2:37
10 Officer Cadet Sakimoto     1:57
11 Attack Team Iwata     0:48
12 Unavoidable Battle Iwata Special Battle Story battles 1:44
13 Battle End Iwata Victory Battle victory 0:24
14 Hero's Theme Sakimoto     1:12
15 A Chapel Sakimoto     2:33
16 Encounter with Algus Iwata Character After saving Algus 2:02
17 World Map Iwata Overworld Map view 0:53
18 Shop Iwata Field Shop 0:52
19 Soldier Recruitment Office Sakimoto Field Recruiting 1:02
20 Fur, Bones, and Meat Store Iwata Field Fur shop 0:56
21 Formation Screen Sakimoto Menu Formation screen 0:57
22 Brave Story Sakimoto     1:18
23 Bar Iwata Field Bar 1:01
24 Data Screen Sakimoto Menu Saving/loading 0:57
25 Desert Land Sakimoto Battle Random battle 2:50
26 Alma's Theme Sakimoto Character   1:12
27 Suspicious Mood Iwata     1:53
28 Decisive Battle Iwata Battle   2:22
29 Outcry of a Bitter Heart Sakimoto     0:55
30 Remnants Sakimoto Battle   3:05
31 Sally Forth Iwata     2:02
32 Tension 1 Sakimoto Battle   2:40
33 Game Over Sakimoto Continue Game over 0:21
34 Tutorial Iwata Menu Tutorial 2:10
35 Random Waltz Sakimoto Battle Random battle 1:51
36 Ovelia's Theme Sakimoto Character   2:41
37 Apoplexy Sakimoto Battle   4:09
38 Holy Knight Zalbag's Theme Sakimoto Character   2:03
39 Run Past Through the Plain Iwata Battle   1:57
40 Scheme Sakimoto     2:42
41 Delita's Theme Sakimoto Character   1:42
42 Back Fire Iwata Battle   3:00
 Disc 2
Disc 2 Name Artist Type In-game location Time
1 Memories Sakimoto Sequence   1:44
2 Dycedarg's Theme Sakimoto Character   1:27
3 Antipyretic Sakimoto Battle Random battle 3:40
4 Holy Ajora's Theme Sakimoto Theme   2:50
5 Bloody Excrement Sakimoto Battle   2:45
6 And I Ran Away Sakimoto Sequence   0:28
7 Espionage Sakimoto     2:24
8 Descent Iwata     3:20
9 Ovelia's Anxiety Sakimoto Character   3:41
10 Under the Stars Iwata Sequence   3:14
11 Battle on the Bridge Sakimoto Battle   3:30
12 Cardinal's Anger Iwata     2:40
13 In Pursuit Sakimoto Battle   2:32
14 Shock!! ~ Despair Sakimoto Sequence   2:19
15 Holy Ajora's Theme - Deluxe Edition Sakimoto Character   1:10
16 Outcry of a Bitter Heart! Sakimoto Sequence   2:40
17 Requiem Sakimoto     3:12
18 Terror 1 Iwata Major Boss battle   2:07
19 The Pervert Iwata Major Boss battle   3:52
20 Antidote Sakimoto Battle   3:09
21 Thunder God Cid's Theme Sakimoto Character   1:51
22 Lucky Find Sakimoto     2:47
23 Night Attack Iwata Battle   2:48
24 Terror 2 Iwata Battle   2:01
25 Ultima the Nice Body Sakimoto Battle Final battle 2:16
26 Ultima the Perfect Body! Iwata Battle Final battle 3:25
27 Last Battle End Iwata Victory   0:16
28 Epilogue Movie Sakimoto Ending Ending 1:34
29 Staff Credits Sakimoto Ending   5:37
  • The OST is missing several tracks (including all of the fanfares) that were used in the actual game, most notably the second half of Antipyretic and Apoplexy. In addition to these missing tracks, there are also about twenty unused tracks, including sixteen by composers who are credited as "Mitsui" and "Myu." (The music can probably be accessed in the Japanese version of FFT by entering "BGM kikitai" for Ramza's name at the beginning of the game.) (Rahul Choudhury)
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