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Parasite Eve Original Soundtrack

Parasite Eve was a game set in New York, so it obviously required a sort of realistic sound to go with it. Shimomura's efforts to meld opera with some sort of electronic-techno sound worked well: the tracks that use this do so to great effect, such as the battles and opera-techno mix tracks. However, the opera solos suffer from rather poor voice sampling that makes them sound more like a rip at Celes' famous concert in Final Fantasy VI than anything to be taken seriously. Still, it seems like the down-to-earth sound suits the title well, with a certain atmosphere of mystique hanging around almost inbetween tracks by Shimomura's use of slow strings and piano. The most important track of this album is the ending theme, Somnia Memorias, which was Shimomura's first vocal song and proved that not all RPG themes have to be Japanese or English to make an impression.

- Rahul Choudhury (February 14, 2003)

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 Disc 1
Disc 1 Name Type In-game location Time
1 Primal Eyes Theme Title screen 2:21
2 Waiting for Something Awakens     1:12
3 Overture [from opera "La mia verita"]     2:16
4 Se Il mio amore sta vincino [Vocalise] -Eva's Aria-     2:06
5 Memory I     0:35
6 Gloom and Doom     2:41
7 Theme of Mitochondria     1:39
8 Sotto Voice     2:07
9 Arise Within You Battle Battle 2:05
10 Main Theme [Piano solo version]     2:07
11 The Surface of the Water     2:02
12 Memorize of "Aya and Eve"     1:37
13 Out of Phase     4:02
14 Urban Noise     1:52
15 Mystery Notes     1:01
16 Influence of Deep     3:03
17 Phrase of Aya     1:14
18 Phrase of Mitochondria     0:42
19 Theme of Aya     1:34
20 Under the Progress     3:07
21 Plosive Attack Boss Battle   2:19
22 Missing Perspective     3:40
23 Memory II     1:09
24 Force Trail     1:42
25 Phrase of Eve     3:07
26 Memory III     1:14
 Disc 2
Disc 2 Name Type In-game location Time
1 Matrix     2:44
2 The Omission of the World     2:32
3 Wheel of Fortune     3:31
4 Kyrie     2:43
5 Across the View     1:51
6 Femmes Fatales     4:42
7 A Piece of Remain     1:20
8 Musica Mundana     2:13
9 U.B. - Ultimate Being Last Battle   4:52
10 Escape from U.B.     0:24
11 Main Theme     1:49
12 Theme of Aya [Reprise]     1:14
13 Wake Up, the Voice Calls Out to Us     1:54
14 Somnia Memorias Vocal Ending 5:58
15 Consensus     1:56
16 Someone calls me... someone looks for me...     1:46
17 Main Theme [Orchestral] Theme   7:53
18 Influence of Deep -CM version-     2:43
19 Se Il mio amore sta vincino -CM version-     2:05
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