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Final Fantasy VIII Original Soundtrack

The collective reaction to the Final Fantasy VIII OST was predictably mixed when the game was released in 1999. Uematsu, according to some, had been withering away after his "amazing" work on Final Fantasy VI, whereas others called FFVIII his greatest accomplishment. But regardless of the fans' opinions of his work, this album can be called unique for a standard of quality it set for future RPGs - regardless of the company behind them. This OST was the first to feature a theme song - Eyes on Me, by Hong Kong pop artist Faye Wong - and that theme was used in a thirteen minute-long ending sequence, accompanied by the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra. Liberi Fatali too could perhaps be considered a milestone even after FFVII's One Winged Angel, a track many found to be uncompromising in its excellence. However, Uematsu's intricate expertise in applying strong musical themes and a variety of professional work (ranging from solo artists to entire choirs and orchestras) did not make up for his marginal in-game musical work, which seemed to feel more at home on the SNES and did not mesh well with the singular pieces on the OST. While many fans would disagree given their predilection for "game-like" music, perhaps RPGs (back in 1998) called for something more, and perhaps this was finally answered when Square brought in new blood (namely, Junya Nakano and Masashi Hamauzu) for the tenth Final Fantasy.

- Rahul Choudhury (January 18, 2003)

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 Disc 1
Disc 1 Name Type In-game location Time
1 Liberi Fatali Theme Intro sequence 3:07
2 Balamb Garden Field Balamb Garden 3:29
3 Blue Fields Field Overworld 2:54
4 Don't Be Afraid Battle Squall scenario 2:52
5 The Winner Fanfare   1:07
6 Find Your Way Field Tomb of the Unknown King 3:47
7 SeeD Theme Balamb Garden 4:16
8 The Landing Sequence Dollet mission 4:36
9 Starting Up Sequence Dollet 1:19
10 Force Your Way Boss battle   3:53
11 The Loser Fanfare   1:26
12 Never Look Back Suspense Dollet 3:23
13 Dead End Sequence Dollet 1:11
14 Breezy Field Balamb village 2:43
15 Shuffle or Boogie Sequence Triple Triad 2:04
16 Waltz for the Moon Sequence Balamb Garden 3:00
17 Tell Me Theme Training centre 3:24
18 Fear Field Training centre 2:24
19 The Man with the Machine Gun Battle Laguna scenario 2:49
20 Julia Theme Deling (Laguna) 1:23
21 Roses and Wine Sequence Deling (Laguna) 2:18
22 Junction Sequence After dreams 1:37
23 Timber Owls Theme Timber 2:51
 Disc 2
Disc 2 Name Type In-game location Time
1 My Mind Sequence Train mission 3:12
2 The Mission Sequence Train mission 3:36
3 Martial Law Field Timber 3:48
4 Cactus Jack (Galbadian Anthem) Theme Balamb Garden 1:30
5 Only a Plank Between One and Perdition Suspense Timber 2:24
6 Succession of Witches Character (Edea) Timber 3:18
7 Galbadia Garden Field Galbadia Garden 3:37
8 Unrest Suspense Galbadia Garden 2:36
9 Under Her Control Field Deling 3:30
10 The Stage Is Set Suspense Deling 3:39
11 A Sacrifice Sequence Deling 3:26
12 Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinose Sequence Deling 4:33
13 Intruders Field Deling sewers 2:31
14 Premonition Boss battle Battles with Witches 4:36
15 Wounded Sequence End of disc 1 FMV 0:53
16 Fragments of Memories Field Winhill (Laguna) 3:13
17 Jailed Field D-District prison 3:50
18 Rivals Theme D-District prison 3:30
19 Ami Field Flashbacks 4:37
 Disc 3
Disc 3 Name Type In-game location Time
1 The Spy Field Missile base 3:46
2 Retaliation Sequence Balamb Garden 0:45
3 Movin' Sequence Balamb Garden 5:18
4 Blue Sky Sequence Balamb Garden 0:44
5 Drifting Theme Balamb Garden 2:56
6 Heresy Theme Below Balamb Garden 4:10
7 Fisherman's Horizon Field Fisherman's Horizon 3:35
8 Odeka ke Chocobo Theme Chocobo World (Winhill) 1:15
9 Where I Belong Field Trabia Garden 3:40
10 The Oath Theme Balamb Garden 3:25
11 Slide Show Part 1 Sequence Flashback 1:23
12 Slide Show Part 2 Sequence Flashback 1:47
13 Love Grows Theme Fisherman's Horizon 4:28
14 The Salt Flats Field The Salt Flats 3:36
15 Trust Me Theme Esthar (Laguna) 3:13
16 Silence and Motion Field Esthar 5:47
17 Dance with the Balamb-fish Field Space Station 3:39
18 Tears of the Moon Sequence Outer Space 1:12
19 Residents Field Ragnarok 3:08
20 Eyes on Me Vocal Ragnarok 5:38
 Disc 4
Disc 4 Name Type In-game location Time
1 Mods de Chocobo (featuring N's Telecaster) Field Overworld (Chocobo) 2:24
2 Ride On Field Overworld (Ragnarok) 3:03
3 Truth Field Edea's house 3:40
4 Lunatic Pandora Field Lunatic Pandora 3:28
5 Compression of Time Sequence Compression of Time 4:34
6 The Castle Field The Castle 5:19
7 The Legendary Beast Boss battle The Castle 5:50
8 Maybe I'm a Lion Boss battle The Castle 5:35
9 The Extreme Boss battle The Castle 6:44
10 The Successor Ending   3:37
11 Ending Theme Ending Ending movie/credits 13:20
12 Overture Ending Title screen 3:36