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Sword of Mana Premium Soundtrack

This is the Sword of Mana soundtrack, which consists mainly of slightly upgraded versions of the Final Fantasy Adventure soundtrack. The second disc is a surprisingly haunting live piano album composed and performed by Mr. Ito himself.

- Rahul Choudhury (September 29, 2003)

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 Original Sound Version
Original Sound Version Name Type In-game location Time
1 Prologue ~Awakening Tale~      
2 Rising Sun      
3 A Boy's Dream      
4 Colosseum      
5 Requiem      
6 Endless Battlefield      
7 Dungeon      
8 Battle 1 ~Believe in Victory~      
9 Jema's Consciousness      
10 Pray      
11 A Girl's Longing      
12 Village      
13 Pleasing Scenery      
14 Royal Palace Theme      
15 Placing Thought Under Investigation      
16 Mission of Mana      
17 Chain of Fate      
18 Under a Sky Full of Stars      
19 Seeking the Holy Sword      
20 Cactus House      
21 Dwarves' Theme      
22 Nightmare      
23 Temptation of the Abyss      
24 Guide to a Strange World      
25 Violation of Time      
26 Entwined Heart      
27 Investigation of Recollection      
28 Running Towards the Future      
29 Danger!      
30 Battle 2 ~Courage and Pride From the Heart~      
31 Inside the Sadness      
32 Lovely Face      
33 Time of Decision      
34 Crumbling World      
35 Mana Shrine      
36 Unrelenting Pain      
37 The Eternal Journey of People      
38 The Final Decisive Battle      
39 Epilogue ~A New World~      
40 A Legend Forever      
 Piano Sound Version
Piano Sound Version Name Type In-game location Time
1 Grateful Memories      
2 Pure Smile      
3 Rainy Tears      
4 Solitude      
5 Lost Scene      
6 Hold Your Heart      
7 Ever Promise