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Kingdom Hearts Original Soundtrack

A soundtrack with high expectations, Kingdom Hearts' OST is perhaps the spiritual successor to Super Mario RPG's. Everything that made the music for that strange hybrid of a game so successful has been intimately reproduced here, from the crazy, happy Disney themes to the trademark RPG battles and their various levels. The underlying thread that keeps it all together is the choral track Destati, which, while not actually featured in the game, has been carefully intertwined with almost every single piece of music you'll hear while playing - from the mysterious Dive Into the Heart to the dark Night of Fate. Some Shimomura fans may be disappointed that the OST lacks the "character" of Parasite Eve and Legend of Mana, especially since the more mature use of instruments (in her previous work) is absent - you won't find many electric guitars or techno-style beats in this game. All in all, though, the most important aspect of this work is that it sounds fine while playing the game, and serves to provide some comforting nostalgia once the game is completed, which is essentially what a soundtrack is all about.

- Rahul Choudhury (January 18, 2003)

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 Disc 1
Disc 1 Name Artist Type In-game location Time
1 Dearly Beloved   Menu Title screen 1:12
2 Hikari -Kingdom Orchestra Instrumental Version-   Theme of game Demo 3:42
3 Hikari -PLANITb Remix- (Short Edit) (Utada) Theme of game Opening movie 2:31
4 Dive into the Heart -Destati-   Event Character creation 4:57
5 Destiny Island   Location Destiny Islands 1:49
6 Bustin' Up on the Beach   Battle Destiny Island 2:01
7 Mickey Mouse Club March   Event   1:02
8 Treasured Memories   Event (Flashback) 1:45
9 Strange Whispers   Event   0:55
10 Kairi 1   Event   1:19
11 It Began with a Letter   Event   1:32
12 A Walk in Andante   Event Event 1:18
13 Night of Fate   Battle Destiny Island 2:06
14 Destiny's Force   Boss battle   2:50
15 Where Is This?       1:42
16 Traverse Town   Location Traverse Town 1:21
17 The Heartless Has Come   Event   0:55
18 Shrouding Dark Cloud   Boss battle   2:15
19 Blast Away! -Gummi Ship 1-   Location Gummi ship mode 1:50
20 Tricksy Clock       0:38
21 Welcome to Wonderland   Location Wonderland 1:53
22 To Our Surprise   Battle Wonderland 2:14
23 Turning the Key   Event (Keyhole seal) 0:16
24 Olympus Coliseum   Location Olympus Coliseum 2:08
25 Road to a Hero     Olympus Coliseum 1:30
26 Go for it!   Battle Olympus Coliseum 2:05
27 No Time to Think   Battle   0:33
28 Deep Jungle   Location Deep Jungle 3:00
29 Having a Wild Time   Battle Deep Jungle 2:25
30 Holy Bananas!   Event Deep Jungle (Jungle Slider) 2:16
31 Squirming Evil   Boss battle   1:54
32 Hand in Hand   Event   2:26
33 Kairi 2   Event (Flashback) 1:03
34 Merlin's Magical House   Location Traverse Town (Magician's Study) 1:46
35 Winnie the Pooh   Location 100 Acre Wood 2:28
36 Bounce-o-rama   Event 100 Acre Wood  
37 Just an Itty Bitty Too Much   Event 100 Acre Wood 0:40
38 Once Upon a Time   Menu Game Over menu 0:21
39 Shipmeister's Humoresque   Menu Gummi Ship menu 2:11
40 Precious Stars in the Sky   Location World map 1:08
41 Blast Away! -Gummi Ship 2-   Location Gummi Ship mode 1:50
 Disc 2
Disc 2 Name Artist Type In-game location Time
1 A Day in Agrabah   Location Agrabah 2:22
2 Arabian Dream   Battle Agrabah 2:03
3 Villains of a Sort   Event (Villain scenes) 1:33
4 A Very Small Wish   Location Monstro 2:16
5 Monstrous Monstro   Battle Monstro 1:56
6 Friends in My Heart   Event   1:30
7 Under the Sea   Location Atlantica 1:54
8 An Adventure in Atlantica   Battle Atlantica 2:03
9 A Piece of Peace   Event   1:00
10 An Intense Situation   Battle   0:48
11 The Deep End   Major boss battle   2:14
12 This is Halloween   Location Halloween Town 2:22
13 Spooks of Halloween Town   Battle Halloween Town 2:14
14 Oopsy-Daisy   Event   0:21
15 Captain Hook's Pirate Ship   Location Never Land 2:06
16 Pirate's Gigue   Battle Never Land 1:45
17 Never Land Sky   Location Never Land (Clock Tower) 1:26
18 Kairi 3   Event   1:35
19 Blast Away! -Gummi Ship 3-   Location Gummi ship mode 1:51
20 Hollow Bastion   Location Hollow Bastion 2:26
21 Scherzo di notte   Battle Hollow Bastion 1:49
22 Forze del male   Boss battle   3:38
23 Hikari -Kingdom Hearts Instrumental Version-   Event Hollow Bastion (Grand Hall) 1:10
24 Miracle   Event Hollow Bastion (Entrance) 0:16
25 End of the World   Location End of the World 3:14
26 Fragments of Sorrow   Battle End of the World 2:18
27 Guardando nel buio   Boss battle Final battle 4:25
28 Beyond the Door   Event Ending 1:08
29 Always on My Mind   Event Ending 1:47
30 Hikari (Utada) Theme Ending movie 5:04
31 March Caprice for Piano and Orchestra   Credits Staff roll 5:13
32 Hand in Hand -Reprise- Eguchi Event Epilogue 0:55
33 Dearly Beloved -Reprise-     The end 1:20
34 Having a Wild Time -Previous Version-   Battle N/A 1:11
35 Destati     N/A 2:54