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Final Fantasy 
N Generation: Official Best Collection

N Generation is, simply, the American mirror of Final Fantasy 1987-1994 as published by Tokyopop. The reflection is not completely identical, however; Evidently, the publisher saw fit to rework the disc's packaging in order to assert some sense of originality (or perhaps save face). As with the original album, this 16-track disc comes chock-full of nostalgia: a wonderful compilation of various classic Final Fantasy themes. No track comes directly from its source game, but each is instead an arrangement of some kind. Indeed, one might even say that N Generation attempts to derive a "Best Of" tracklist from the plethora of arranged Final Fantasy tracks. While a track count of sixteen is far too small to accomplish such a task, this album nonetheless makes for an impressive listen and a convenient playlist.

- Kanji (November 23, 2007)

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 Disc 1
Disc 1 Name Artist Type In-game location Time
1 Symphonic Suite Final Fantasy: Scene III (FFI) Hattori     6:06
2 Roaming Sheep (Arranged Version) (FFIII)       2:00
3 Theme of Love (Arranged Version) (FFIV) Bhreatnach     4:12
4 Legend of the Deep Forest (Arranged & Remixed Version) (FFV) Uematsu     5:08
5 The Water Maiden (Arranged Version) (FFIII) Uematsu     2:26
6 Welcome to Our Town! (Arranged Version) (FFIV) Bhreatnach     3:11
7 Moogles' Theme (Arranged Version) (FFV) Uematsu     3:05
8 The Breeze (Arranged Version) (FFIII)       3:30
9 Troian Beauty (Arranged Version) (FFIV) Bhreatnach     3:39
10 Home, Sweet Home (Arranged Version) (FFV) Uematsu     3:28
11 Dear Friends (Piano Version) (FFV) Satou     5:07
12 Aria Di Mezzo Carattere (Arranged and Remixed Version) (FFVI) Sagisu, Saito     5:54
13 Rydia (Arranged Version) (FFIV)       3:06
14 Symphonic Suite Final Fantasy: Scene VII (FFII) Hattori     5:18
15 Songo de Chocobo (Arranged Version) (FFIV) Morimura     3:38
16 Final Fantasy (Piano Version) (FFV) Satou     3:12
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