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Crisis Core - Final Fantasy VII 
Original Soundtrack

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 Disc 1
Disc 1 Name Type In-game location Time
1 Fragments of Memories -d.m.w.-      
2 Theme of Crisis Core "Succession"      
3 Mission Start      
4 First Mission      
5 Mako City      
6 Patriotism's Moonlit Night      
7 Encounter      
8 Theme of Crisis Core "Dreams and Pride"      
9 Last Order-crisis mix      
10 The Importance of Truth      
11 Wandering in the Afternoon Sunlight      
12 Conflict      
13 Manipulating the Iron Beasts      
14 Theme of Crisis Core "Under the Apple Trees"      
15 The Summoned      
16 The Burdened One      
17 Just Before the Raid      
18 Secretly Maneuvering in Dark Suits      
19 A Building of Iron and Pipes      
20 Combat      
21 Theme of Crisis Core "Scar of Friendship"      
22 Flowers Blooming in the Slums      
23 Sky Blue Eyes      
24 Theme of Crisis Core "Together with Pride"      
25 Melody of Anguish      
26 Marching on the Frontier      
27 A Moment of Courtesies      
28 Flapping Black Wings      
29 Theme of Crisis Core "The True Project"      
30 The Way Pride was Lost      
31 Why      
 Disc 2
Disc 2 Name Type In-game location Time
1 The Town that Shut out Light      
2 Getting the Situation Moving      
3 The Organization Ruled by Mako      
4 Theme of Crisis Core "To the New Appointment"      
5 The Locked Village      
6 Farewell Melody      
7 Melancholy Mansion      
8 A Bit of Relief      
9 Prelude to Decay      
10 The One who Seeks Revenge on the World      
11 Night in Seclusion      
12 Missions and Friendship      
13 Theme of Crisis Core "Sprint to the Battlefield"      
14 Escape into the Wasteland      
15 Melody of Resolution      
16 Prowling in the Moonlight      
17 Reciting an Ancient Poem by the Waterside      
18 Meeting the Grotesque Roar      
19 The One who Receives the Planet's Divine Protection      
20 A SOLDIER's Struggle      
21 The Price of Freedom      
22 The Inherited Hope      
23 Why      
24 To be Continued      
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