March 28, 2008, Square Haven has ceased updates indefinitely. What you see below is an archived version.

Albums (credits)
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The albums database would not be possible without the help of the following people and other sources, voluntary or not.

Japan Game Music Library (J.G.M.L.)
The impressive J.G.M.L. has most of the basic album information anyone really needs. (At the very least, it verifies the existence of that All Star Pro-Wrestling II soundtrack you just knew existed.) The J.G.M.L. has data on over 5000 game music titles since 1984.
Other than the people and sources mentioned, Square Haven staff did all the translations for the track lists (with considerable help from Jim Breen's WWWJDIC). The point is not for us to make a claim on the final word on translations, but to show that they should not be passed off as immutable. In fact, enthusiasts should cast a critical eye on them and perhaps come up with their own translations as they see fit. That is why we have included the original Japanese track listings courtesy of the J.G.M.L.
(One thing at a time...)
"Provider" of virtually all of the pretty, high-quality cover scans. Peruse AnimeNation's Square CD list and buy something because you feel guilty.
Inspiration (and more)
Rahul of Gamingredients
Without his nitpicky criticisms about "overbearing gray" and jarring text choice/placement/spacing and expanded track listings, the design would have been butt-ugly crude. Also the contributor of more useless facts about game music than we ever wanted to know.
The original and the only informed game soundtrack resource of its scale (that we're aware of).
Daryl's Library
Highly specific detail on the actual contents of FF soundtracks (including liner notes for many). Has the English names for tracks that most Japanese sources inexplicably omit. Lifesaver!
Reichu's VGM
Incredibly useful resource for alternative (alternative with respect to the sometimes-bizarre translations out there) track list translations (with detailed translation notes!), especially considering the lack of nuance in ours mine.

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