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but the question is: where did the beans go?
Cloud needed it to assist in his flying escapades in FFVII:AC.
I thought he just needed some really cool materia.
"I've come to steal your materia!"
'We don't have any materia but we have lots of chocolate"
"I don't want chocolate"
"Did I mention it's chocolate materia!"

All about random battles is probably the best FFVII flash ever.
You mean THIS ONE??!?!!

It's funny... Me like... :lol:
I vote for "Ziyad is a wanker", but man "Math is for wankers" is higher on the vote count. When I get my internet connection back in a month or so. I going to force Ziyad to watch X-Play again in the mIRC chat room, since he loves that show so much. ;)

When I have time to read about "Sounds of Grandia unveiled" and this whole four page thread then I will make my final judgment or whatever.(Library computer only gives you 30 min. time limit to be on the computer).
Cloud gets shot.
nah, i think Zack is the true bad ass of the series, cloud only got sephy (in the very beginning) with a cheep shot.
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