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Forums / News / Nomura: "We're absolutely not making a FFVII remake"

I don't believe for a second that wasted resources are going into remakes and rereleases. First of all, very little actual TALENT is burned in developing these games, especially the rereleases like Final Fantasy _ Advance. I think Square even hires third parties to make them. Second, judging the new games that are coming out of the the SE development house, the new stuff that would be made with these saved resources isn't worth shit.

As such, it's not worth it for you to complain about remakes and rereleases, because you would just be wasting your time and money on crapshit otherwise.
They're appealing to people like me, who didn't bother purchasing the last few iterations because they were too identical. FFIV DS interests me because I haven't touched the other ones.

It's a different market share.
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