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Has anyone else played this? Though there have only been two games in the series (plus the gaiden game that only came out for the neo geo pocket) They've both been amazing, and Ogre Battle seriously needs to make a comeback. Quest made the games but i think they've been absorbed by SquareEnix, which could be a really good thing if they'd continue this amazing series! If anyone reads this, check out Ogre Battle (snes) and Ogre Battle 64. They're amazing and unique strategy rpg games that deserve another go.
Quest was absorbed by Square Enix yes, although most of the staff have left in the meantime and are now with various independent studios or have started their own.

Wasn't Ogre Battle 64 considered the worst of the series? Most people I know refer to Tactics Ogre. If only Paul were still around...

Also: the GBA version has been cited as superior to FFTA.
granted there's only 2 english games available, Ogre Battle 64 happens to be my favorite. Yes, it was a commercial flop, but part of that was due to Atlus failing to ship as many copies as they had been planning...and because most hard-core rpg fans had moved to the Playstation. Ogre Battle 64 has a lot of depth and customization. Basically the only thing you can compare it to is march of the black queen. I actually haven't played the Tactics Ogre games yet, though I'm looking into them. Basically I think not many people like Ogre Battle 64 because not a lot of people have actually played it. I know it's not likely squareenix will make another game in the series anytime soon, but if anyone reads this you should look into the past games.
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