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So does anyone kno if there is gonna be a European version of this? Coz if not that is really sucky that AGAIN Japan and America get certain games but Square can somehow overlook the WHOLE of Europe! >:o(

They did that with Xenogears AND Secret of Evermore AND the Chrontrigger final fantasy package and...... i could go on all night people!
I guess you all don't buy enough of their games when they do come?
you are not as worthy as we.
i would've rather gotten Seiken Densetsu 3 than Secret of Evermore to be honest.

And i heard FF 1 and 2 anniversary edition sucked.

oh well.
I haven't played either, but they don't seem much different than previous releases.
Secret of Evermore rocked, totally underrated. People need to start making more modern RPG's these days.
secret of evermore might've been great, but i still would rather have gotten Secret of Mana 2.
SoM 2 is a great game, don't get me wrong. :}
ha8av, you might be glad to find that SE has recently declared that they will devote more attention to the European gaming market.
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