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Forums / Heres one for you, how the FUCK do I access the FORUMS

{EDIT}: found the link, edited the post to reflect that, but the Thread title stays derogatory cause I cant change it :|

Okay, so good thing I have the forums bookmarked, or that I know that typing "forum" after a sites name usually gets me there.

So, I go to the SHMFoD via bookmark, then I login because theres no option for the thing to log me automatically like it used to anymore, then after I log it takes me to the front page where I have to log in AGAIN. It took me forever to find the message board tab, matter of fact I just did and I just edited this whole post.

Pleeease make it a bit easier to access the place, and maybe dont send me back to the front page after I login? Its annoyinggggggg

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Oh, yeah... Is there an option to remember passwords or automatically log us in? That would be really helpful!

Otherwise Xavi, there is a link to the "Message Forums" on the left-hand side of the SH homepage...
I told Rahul he should fix that months ago, Xavi. It's his contraption, that login bubble, and I don't know how to change it.

Why are you entering from any other page except the homepage, anyway? Logging in at the homepage shows all the recent updates in a handy little box.

And there are actually three links to the forums from the homepage, so I have no idea what you're complaining about.

Meth, your username and password are remembered and stored via your browser's cookie jar. They are automatically inputed into the form on the home page, so all you have to do is click "login." It's necessary for you to physically login so we can track your access and tell you what's new since you last logged in.
i think what meth is saying, and i agree, is that it would be nice to stay logged in say....permenantly, or at least longer than a random time between 1 hr and 12 hrs.
Most of my worries have to deal with me being in male PMS mode. It happens.

Aaaand I bookmark the forum cause I come here for that before I come for the news :P
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