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Final Fantasy XII joins Greatest Hits
Word around the office is that Final Fantasy XII has recently joined the Playstation 2's "Greatest Hits" collection. This means that now is a good time to pick up a Christmas copy for yourself, your family, and...let's be honest here...I could use one too. Oh, and be sure to check out our fantastical Final Fantasy XII game guide when the going gets tough.
So is the "Zodiac Job" version never coming here? I would probably re-buy and replay the game if it was released in the US.

I can see why other "international versions" (meaning Japan only) have never made it to the west, but this is the first one that I've ever heard of where there is an actual change in gameplay. It seems like it would be worthwhile for them to publish it here.
There are currently no plans to do so. At least none that I've heard of.

Just learn Japanese; you know you want to anyway.
It's true, the idea of learning japanese... it consumes me.

What a loss though. You get to control all of the NPCs, job classes (sort of), and the japanese language track? Suck.

Meanwhile, we'll be getting annual "Anniversary Editions" of "Advent Children" until the smoke from the discarded copies begins to cause emphysema in small areas.
Fuck Japanese. All games should be made in Esperanto.
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