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Final Fantasy XIII extended trailer
The new extended FFXIII in all it's low quality glory. Keep an eye out for the motorcycle Shiva summon!

I can't believe how little I was impressed by watching this. Aside from the fact that I've seen this video in various scans and screenshots, the entire atmosphere of the game seems like a cliché turn-off. Additionally, unless the main character is at least twenty-five years of age, I will simply cease to care; the only redeeming factor would be a streamlined, deep, and quick battle system. If one exists. We shall see...
BLAH!!! At least I retain some comfort in knowing that I'll still be trying to beat FFXII long after FFXIII has faded into irrelevance.
I'm really not digging the setting of this one. All of the shiny metal and pastel coloring is turning me off. If they want to do a story set in a futuristic backdrop, I would much rather see the same sort of "steam punk" setting they had in FFVII or FFVI. To me, this looks really generic and uncreative.

"Versus" looks equally plagued by the goth stylings of Nomura. I guess we're up for another generation of strong-silent, hair gelled, depressed, androgenic, apathetic heroes.
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