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Which one is better? I would really prefer the game with the better storyline. Or do they both suck. Also this would be my first Mana game so yeah if you say it sucks compared to its predecessors I wouldn't understand what you mean because I haven't played any of them before.

Also is Legend of Mana really good?

I feel like I'm playing a bad game of "would you rather".

Ryuzaki, I'd gander that, between the two, you'd probably want to play Children of Mana. Unlike the ridiculous mess that is Heroes of Mana (see my review for more on that), CoM manages to pop in coherent gameplay.

Also, LoM is definitely worth a play, but all of these games pale in comparison to Secret of Mana and its sequel.
Thanks for the reply I am probably gonna grab children of mana then and I will also look into Secret of Mana.
I thought the original GB one was pretty awesome too. I never beat it, but a friend let me play it for a couple hours at his house once.
The phrase "grab children" just put this forum on every Homeland Security watchlist. Mana county in rural Kansas is now on "amber" alert.
It's funny 'cause it's true.
Children Of Mana is a basic Mana game, is it really good and the orignal Soundtrack from Mana.
Heroes is trash and it isn't like a mana at all, it is a real time.

LEGEND OF MANA, is my favorite one next to Secret of mana 2!
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