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Hajime Tabata panders the relentless Final Fantasy VII remake machine
more final fantasy vii remake speculation
In a recent interview with OPM, Hajime Tabata alluded to the further potentiality of a remake of Final Fantasy VII:
"The possibility for a remake may become greater if, for instance, the schedules of the original members of the Final Fantasy VII development team, such as Kitase and Nomura, open up."
Thanks to Square Union (via Forever Fantasy)
Are Kitase and Nomura really that necessary? With the designs from FFVII, Advent Children, Crisis Core, and Dirge of Cerebus it seems like you would have just about every aspect of the game covered. Kitase would only mess up the original by trying to tie it into the rest of the offshoots. And please, they could finish 9/10 of the game without a director or a character designer, especially since they know all of the major environments that need to be designed, the battle system, monsters, etc.

I think another writer and director would be pretty interesting anyway. I think I'd prefer to see a new take on the game rather than just another redo by the same team that has handled that one storyline almost exclusively.
If only they didn't drive Matsuno to the brink of madness, then they could have another perspective to go by instead of the Kitase/Nomura monopoly.

To answer your question, no they aren't necessary! Throw them in the Pit of Despair!
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